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** What's new in OnCall
1-5-23 Improved pattern tool to block a person from shifts in adjacent pattern blocks that result in back-to-back assignments for different worker #s.

11-23-22 Display PTO targets, credits and carryovers included, in the PTO request list.

11-4-22 View all pending PTO requests with counts of days already granted vs. annual allotment. Tab through the list to grant, deny or remove requests.

10-21-22 Credit any shift assignment as adding a day of Vac/PTO to a person's annual allotment. Enter custom Vac/PTO adjustments in work preferences, e.g. to carry over unused days from the previous year.

9-15-22 Have custom off assignments, e.g FMLA or Maternity Leave, appear online as "Off" for added privacy. The setting is in File / Preferences / Vac-PTO.

8-9-22 Fixed OnCall crash in resident schedules when syncing evening clinics entered in our web / pencil interface.

7-29-22 Opened staffing-level rules to resident-style schedules.

7-15-22 If a rotation assignment is configured to work 0 weekdays, the duty-hour report will consider weekdays a person isn't scheduled to a shift as a day off.

6-17-22 Track and grant vacation, CME and other PTO days. Until now, people could mark themselves as unavailable and add notes explaining why. Now, staff can request vacation and other off time explicitly. Schedule admins can enter each person's yearly allotment and the system will help ensure people don't take more days than they should. Grant or deny requests by block and Amion emails staff to notify people of changes to their PTO. In File / Preferences / Vac - PTO, you can choose whether to exclude weekends and holidays from the PTO counts. You must use a version of OnCall from 6/17 or later to access all the vacation bank features.

6-6-22 Fixed bug that caused OnCall to close when double clicking vacation or other off-service assignments into the work-preferences calendar. The problem was specific to the calendar view and didn't affect the table format where you see everyone's requests and off time together. The bug was introduced in the last update with an early version of an upcoming vacation-request and tracking feature.

5-18-22 Fixed crash with resident schedules and the General Setup box.

5-10-22 Fixed bug that kept the auto-scheduler from honoring work targets entered via the Rule Wrter, a problem that was likely introduced 3 or 4 weeks ago.

4-26-22 Fixed point-tally bug where weighting values differ by day-of-week and a shift is blocked from being staffed until part-way through the tally period.

2-22-22 When syncing staff requests from Amion, don't show days as unavailable if there are no shifts a person could cover even if she wanted to work.

2-18-22 Added a "Reactivate" button in the General Setup box for staff who were tagged as having left the group months or years earlier.

2-15-22 Fixed drawing bug with feature that automatically pulls people from the schedule when on vacation, CME, or other off-schedule service. If one of two people on a multiple-slot service that's condensed to a single row is away, the other person was also filtered from the display. This update includes several other minor fixes from the last few months.

9-16-21 Drag-and-drop sometimes put an unrelated person into a shift or left a shift empty instead of swapping the two people on the selected shifts in schedules with well over 100 providers.

9-15-21 Fixed bug that caused app to crash when deleting a shift from the calendar.

8-4-21 Fixed bug that caused a few large schedules to lose one red 'x' in the day-after-rule grid with each save.

7-30-21 When tallying by service, added a green tab above shift name to note multiple same-name shifts combined into a single column. Previously you had to right click on the shift name to see if its rows are combined.

7-27-21 Fixed bug in feature that combines multiple same-name shifts into a single column when tallying by service. Right click on a shift name in the top row of the tally table to combine sibling columns.

7-22-21 Added three features to help coordinate work between multiple schedulers. 1. When opening from Amion, you'll see when the schedule was last updated and by whom.  2. In File / Preferences / System, you can have the app save and close after automatically if idle. OnCloud waits 8 minutes. With an installed copy of OnCall, you choose how long it stays open.  3. In File / Preferences / Amion passwords, create a list of admin IDs and require anyone editing the schedule to enter a personal admin ID. OnCloud will then know who's making changes and the IDs make your schedule more secure.

6-17-21 Fixed a bug that left some schedules checked out when switching from one schedule to another. Fixed bug in autoscheduler that caused app to hang after filling multiple services a resident-style schedule.

5-29-21 Fixed years-old bug that assigned staff new internal IDs. Google or iPhone calendars would stop or return another person's shifts. Data feeds to other apps such as MedHub would be affected, too. The bug hit a small number of customers who inadvertently pressed the Shift key while saving to Amion.

4-30-21 Fixed a few bugs relating to cross-covering residents to more than one service at a time.

4-12-21 Restored the ability to link a person to a shift in another schedule. The feature disappeared when we started supporting staff-to-staff links across schedules. When two or more groups cover a common service, create a person who represents another group and Amion pulls in assignments from the other schedule whenever the placeholder person is on.

4-9-21 Improved tools for matching staff and assignments in Amion to their equivalents in ShiftAdmin for groups that want to sync ShiftAdmin schedules into Amion.

4-2-21 Let autoscheduler put people on more than one shift a day if it otherwise would leave an assignment unfilled. There have been several other updates since 12-20 that didn't get written up here. Sorry!

12-30-20 Stopped OnCall from enabling Admin must approve _ open shift pickups when switching from a schedule that uses that option to one the doesn't.

11-20-20 Added hooks for other apps to push new shifts and staff into an Amion schedule with contact info and dates a person is available or a shift needs coverage.

10-29-20 Improved handling of DST rules outside the U.S. Fixed bug that led to some crashes when deleting several schedule rows.

9-9-20 Allow only two-way trades so that staff cannot give a shift to a colleague without taking one back in return. The option is in File / Preferences / Amion Trades.

7-23-20 Configure up to 32 subset views on resident master rotation schedules. Previous limit was 16.

6-30-20 Track remote telehealth work. Right click on any shift and choose Telehealth / remote. Get tallies of remote vs. on-site work.

6-3-20 Fixed tally bug that could show inflated counts for schedules with over 300 columns in the tally table, where each column is a type of assignment or service. Also includes significant performance improvement for large schedules with hundreds of shifts.

5-27-20 Display partial-year continuity clinics to the right of master rotation schedules. Previously, residents needed 18 or more of the same clinic session to be considered a continuity clinic. The new version adds any clinic that runs for 20 or more weeks where a resident is in clinic 45% of the weeks.

5-20-20 Added Unstaffed as a worker in the custom shift pattern tool. Leaving a cell white means the day isn't paired with other assignments but auto-scheduling still fills the days. Tag days as unstaffed in the pattern to ensure they remain unfilled.

5-18-20 Extended online requests to support over 100 assignments per day when submitting availability by shift.

5-7-20 Yet more enhancements to sharing assignments across schedules for people who work in multiple groups. This version allows multiple cross-schedule links for each provider.

4/20/2 Further enhancements to sharing assignments, vacation and requests across schedules for people who work in more than one group. 4/3/20 Merge requests and assignments across multiple schedules. See when a person is already scheduled to work or be away for another Amion group. 3/19/20 Removed warning that group name changed when opening a different schedule via File / Open / Open from Amion. 3/2/20 Group shifts for auto-scheduling. This version fills one cluster a time but lets you define multiple groups. A future release will run all the groups to generate a complete draft schedule with a single click. 2/29/20 Fixed bug in tally-tweak tool where a drag and drop on the tally table led to cascading message boxes if a shift has a start or end staffing date outside the tally range. 2/15/20 Fixed drawing glitch where sequence rules would cause a few seconds of flickering in the calendar view. 1/31/20

  • Full online scheduling via our new virtual-desktop service.
  • Autoscheduler can fill multiple rows in a single pass to better balance holiday and weekend assignments.
  • Allow self scheduling past the publish date. All assignments remain private. Staff can take and return open shifts.
1/3/20 Tally-weight tool has a new field for adjustments. Configure tally weights as dollar amounts and adjustments flow into a new payroll tool that sends a time card to each provider with all shifts, adjustments and their dollar values for a pay period.

12/28/19Fixed bug that crashed app when switching an off-schedule service with rows on the calendar to a regular shift and then back to off-schedule.
12/18/19Use sequence rules as auto-fill patterns when manually assigning shifts or auto-scheduling. Sequence rules define the number of days a person prefers to work in a row and the maximum number of days a person is willing to work in sequence.
12/9/19When submitting availability, include shifts a person can cover (as defined by can-cover rules) in addition to those stipulated in staff-by rules.
11/13/19Fixed sporadic auto-scheduler crash. Fixed the tally page to allow drag and drop workload balancing (a "tally tweak") when the table has just one shift and is set to tally by service, not by day-of-week.
10/5/19View table schedule by week, where each column represents 7 days, caused OnCall to close with some day-after rules.
10/3/19Auto-fill and the auto-scheduler will follow sequence rules that specify the number of days a person likes to work in a row. The pattern can flow across shifts if the shift being filled doesn't have enough open days to fill the sequence and the rule considers several shifts equivalent.
9/18/19Shifts and meetings can begin or end on any 5-minute interval. The standard has always been 15-minute increments.
9/13/19Add right-click option to clear custom hours on a resident clinic. The X in the shift-times box also clears custom resident clinic times.
9/10/19Increase max length of email list for people who should receive schedule-change notifications from 300 characters to 800.
9/9/19Display resident clinic assignments in an on-call list via Amion staffing links. Staffing links to clinics resolve on the Who's on page only.
9/6/19Fix hour tally for shifts that become active during the period being counted.
8/22/19Remov gray cross-out lines from people on green Vac rows, where Vac is an off-schedule service configured to display on the schedule. Schedules configured with multiple sites and people set to work at some sites but not others were getting flagged to not work Vac.
8/15/19Fix bug in applying day-after on rule to shifts that use custom patterns. If the rule put a person into a day that's white in the pattern setup grid and thus not linked to other days, the rule wasn't making the assignment.
8/12/19With click and drag to move or swap assignments, hold Ctrl before releasing the mouse to have extra-pay tag move with the provider instead of staying with the shift.
8/11/19Fix bug that led wrong note to be selected when you right click on a resident clinic schedule and choose quick note 10 through 19.
7/23/19Increase max # of characters in paging template on rule-writer paging group from 40 to 120.
7/21/19Fix tally bug when counting only extra-pay assignments.


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