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Download the Free EasyPlot Trial Now

EasyPlot runs under Windows.

The free trial is a fully functional copy of EasyPlot with just a few limitations. It allows 200 points per curve and up to 4 curves per graph. The trial won't let you print, but you can use the print previewer to see how EasyPlot graphs will print.

Please feel free to contact with questions while you evaluate EasyPlot.

Installing EasyPlot ...

After downloading, you should have the file "EPDemo.exe" on your computer. "EPDemo" is an install file; you need to run it once to install the software on your computer. The file should be in your standard download directory. If you can't find it or have trouble running the file, go to Find in the Windows Start menu and search for the file "EPDemo". When found, double click on it. If you know where the file is, use Windows Explorer to find and run it.

If all goes well, a folder with two icons should appear on your desktop, one for the software and one for the EasyPlot help. Double click on the EasyPlot icon to start the software. If you later close the EasyPlot folder, go to the Windows Start menu, click Programs, and find "EasyPlot".