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Verizon SMS

Update - 11-25 - Verizon texts from Amion should look much better now. Let us know if you have further issues.

Original post of 11-22:
We have two ways of sending SMS messages to Verizon phones. This week, neither is as clean as we'd like.

Verizon is either delaying delivery by 4 to 5 minutes or adding many lines of random-looking characters. The long series of characters is a header added by a spam filter. Verizon turns incoming vtext.com mail into SMS text messages and they should remove the tag.

We've found a way to get the text of the message above the tag. Your text appears in parentheses and you can ignore the rest.

We will continue to monitor Verizon messaging and try to improve the look and delivery.

Install the Amion mobile app to move work-related texts off SMS. Our app includes secure texting and gives you a second way to receive texts. Messages to the app never leave our network which enhances reliability.


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