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Amion login timeout

When someone logs in at Amion to view schedules, links to other pages stop working after a few minutes.

You can adjust the timeout period to allow more or less time for a page to sit idle on the screen before the login expires.

For a single-group schedule, open the Amion scheduler and go to File / Preferences / Amion Display. Under Amion login timeout, enter the number of minutes a login should remain active. Republish to the web via File / Publish to the Web to set the new timeout.

By default, a login will timeout after 10 minutes. Enter zero to let a login remain active no matter how much time a page sits idle on someone's screen.

For enterprise accounts, logins expire after 10 minutes unless you disable the timeout feature. At log in with your master administrator password and click the blue bullet icon in the upper right to go to the software-options page. Click the bullet icon for "Idle logins expire after 10 minutes" to enable or disable the timeout feature.


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