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Alter Ego

The Alter Ego box in OnCall allows you to link two instances of a staff member together into a single personal schedule at Amion.com, and now to instances of the same provider in other schedules.

Watch how to link to an alter ego in a totally different Amion schedule!

  1. Resident schedules:, open your block schedule and click a name at left.

    Attending schedules:, select the person's name appearing in the schedule or go to their Work Preference page.

  2. Select the Window/Alter Ego.

  3. In the Alter-Ego box, choose the 'alter ego' name to link two identities on the same schedule.

    For staff that exist in multiple schedules, click Link to another schedule . Enter the staff password for the other group, and select the name you'd like to link to.

    Republish the schedule and the two identities will be linked together in a single personal schedule at Amion.com.


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