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Residency Vacation Reports

Assuming vacations are entered into the OnCall schedule properly, there are several ways to view who's on vacation. Log in to the online schedule at amion.com. The first page that appears should show who's on call that day. Open the dropdown selector that says "Call" and select "Vac". The initial screen will show you who's on vacation that day but you can then click "For all July" to see who's on vacation any time during the month.

If your goal is to see when a specific resident will be taking vacation through the year, click the black-and-white face icon on the main toolbar, choose a resident from the dropdowns, and then hit the "Create schedule" button. The rotation schedule along the top of the page will show you vacation days.

To get a year-long summary for a group of residents, put the block schedule on screen and click the black icon that has left and right arrows hanging off vertical black bars. It switches you to a staffing report that lists services down the left and people on the services inside the table; it effectively turns the block schedule inside out. At the top of the screen, you'll see a dropdown select that says "All rows". Open it and choose Vac to get a staffing report of just people who will be on vacation.


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