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2020-1-28 The Autoscheduler now has an added option for filling sibling rows. Toggle that on, and the Autoscheduler will fill in assignments for all slots (multiple rows for one service) with one click.

2020-1-27 Logging into amion.com with a group's admin password now reveals a clock icon at top. Click that for a built-in payroll report, including several filter options and broken down into a timesheet by staff member

2019-2-7 Add a Paging Group Template to save a step when messaging a predefined Paging Group.

2018-8-21 New telescope feature helps Enterprise site admins identify schedules that may have missing assignments in the near future on the site-wide Who's on page.

2018-7-11 The Rule Writer now contains options for a 'Contact via' rule. The window that appears via File/Preferences now includes a separate category for Amion Trades, which includes an option for extra pay staying with the person during a two-way trade. The Autoscheduler category now has an option 'Don't schedule Misc-PT staff'.

2018-5-22 Residency schedule admins can now pre-approve trades online. Go to File / Preferences / Amion Options to enable.

2018-5-18 Customized shift times can now display two clocks for any custom time, rather than just one. This makes black and white printed copies of the schedule (which cannot display clocks with different colors based on start and end times) very clear.

2018-3-14 Resident OnCall schedules now have two autofill settings, one for call/shift schedules and one for block schedules. The Options menu will display "Autofill N+1" or "Autofill call" depending on what page you have on screen. This enables programs to have block templates disabled while using patterns to fill on call schedules and vice versa.

2018-3-14 Shift names will change automatically when shift times are permanently altered in OnCall and online. Change shift times mid-year

2018-1-20 Password-protect parts of a single schedule in OnCall. Create different subsets and assign a unique admin password to them so that multiple schedulers can manage their own protected part of a single schedule.

2017-12-20 Lock assignments in OnCall. Right click on a cell or group of cells and select one of the Lock Assignment options.

2017-12-15 Track Extra Pay for moonlighter shifts.

2017-12-11 Window/Calendar Subscriptions: Type a date into the box over the number of days and you'll switch the feature to look at your date instead of a certain number of days ahead.

2017-12-11 New right-click option on a sticky note to 'delete note'.

2017-12-5 "Total" column to tally off/away services. Go to the tally page and choose to tally by service. Select "Total Away" on the right. In the Infobox, hit "Shifts to tally". Away services now appear in the list of shifts where you can choose to include or exclude shifts from the counts. Away services are in green. The new version adjusts the size of the text at the top of the tally columns so that service names fit to the columns.

2017-11-20 Set point totals for off-schedule services that are tagged to show on the schedule. Now, the points will factor into the point total in the tallies page.

2017-11-7 You can now choose to omit pager directory beneath a schedule. In OnCall right click outside the Work Preferences calendar and select "Don't show pager directory below Amion calendar." If you view the preferences in table format, right click on a name in the left-most column to select the option.

2017-10-30 Put "Tigertext:email" in as the default paging string (under File/Preferences) and anyone with an email address entered in OnCall will get the TT icon for paging.

2017-10-18 Online monthly views will now include the Separator Bars that were formerly only visible in the the Daily list of assignments.

2017-10-10 Track the number of staff scheduled per day or at a certain time of day, by creating daily staffing level rules.

2017-10-5 Quick Notes that contain "[]", as in "Payback []", will cause OnCall to automatically open the note window and place your cursor appropriately, saving schedulers from having to open the note window and click inside it.

2017-10-4 Schedulers can now export schedule data from Amion in formats that load easily into analytics programs, making it easy (for example) to cross-reference billing details based on shifts worked. Find more detail on our Programming Interface page.

2017-07-21 Custom holiday hours can now repeat. In the custom shift time window, click the down orange arrow icon to repeat for every holiday. Or, right-click on the clock icon in assignment cell and select the option to repeat for every holiday.

2017-07-18 Admins can now pre-approve trades online. Go to File / Preferences / Amion Options to enable. Learn more about online trades.

2017-06-07 Special-Day highlights. You can now highlight important events, deadlines and other special dates. Add highlights one day at a time or on a repeating basis.

2016-12-22 Single service calendars now display a row heading to the left-hand side of schedule.

2016-12-22 The Autoscheduler can now fill based on what you deem as a weekend shift instead of the standard Saturday-Sunday. Define if Friday and Sunday is part of the weekend in your Call tallies preferences.

2016-12-22 The Autoscheduler can now fill based on anyone that can cover instead of the standard team. Must have a Can-cover rule established in the Rule Writer to activate in the Autoscheduler.

2016-12-16 OnCall can now save up to twenty sticky notes.

2016-12-16 The 'add on rule' enables a scheduler to create exceptions to a defined rule. For example, lets say that you have a pattern which specifies that most staff assigned to a particular shift on Friday, also work Saturday and Sunday. Once a pattern is applied to an service or assignment, hold the Ctrl key and click on a day of the week grid cell to open the rule writer window and insert your 'add-on' rule. In this case, you'd choose Staff from the lower left drop-down menu and put a blue dot next to each person who works a three day weekend.

2016-11-03 Tally tweak feature added.

2016-11-15 Personalize call patterns based on who's working. In the Rule Writer, select the 'Pattern-apply' rule and add a pattern condition followed by a staff condition to tell OnCall which people use the pattern. When running the autoscheduler, OnCall uses the pattern associated with the person if it's different from the default pattern associated with the shift.

2016-11-10 Automatically remind staff of upcoming shifts using the shift reminder feature.

2016-10-26 New three-way split option.

2016-05-11 Custom hours for each doc in clinic schedules can vary by day of week.

2016-04-26 Special Requests imported automatically when you open OnCall and other improvements to online requests.

2016-03-28 Added Dark-room mode for Radiologists.

2016-03-28 The "Who's on" list displays on-call staff when a schedule's "publish-through" date is in the past.

2016-03-17 Added password protected access to different views within MicroEnterprise accounts.

2016-03-16 Added Active Directory. (Enterprise accounts)

2015-10-20 - Now you can enable staff to enter availability by timeslot, in addition to by shift or by day. To use this option, go to File > Preferences > Amion Requests and check "If someone requests not to work a specific shift, make all shifts in that time slot unavailable".

2015-10-05 When viewing work preferences in table format you may now include or exclude any combination of staff types by shift-clicking the staff type icons in the Schedule Content window. You can also use these staff-type selectors when viewing tallies/statistics. Highlight colors have been changed for improved visibility on Windows 10.

2015-10-02 Several improvements to support for multi-monitor setups. Toolbox windows now move with the main OnCall window when moving between monitors. Toolbox windows can no longer be dragged to invisible off-screen areas. In OnCall for Mac, we fixed a potential crash when resizing certain windows.

2015-08-22 Enterprise administrators may wish to link in certain relevant shifts from an outside schedule to appear in the daily Who's On list. Site admins only will have this ability - contact us for more details.

2015-07-31 Access time stamps for day-off requests. Log into Amion with an admin password and click the link to get staff requests. Then click to see the list in first-come-first-served order. Every name in the list is now a link. Click a name and you'll get a similar report with dates down the left but instead of people, you get red, green and blue dates that show when the person marked themselves as unavailable (red date), available (green), or available for some shifts but not others (blue).

2015-06-15 Launched Amion for Apple Watch.

2014-09-19 Added Secure Texting

2014-01-20 OnCall warns you if you try deleting an off-schedule service that you have people assigned to.

2014-01-19 - Right-click note option added to the resident clinic page.

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