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Set Block Dates

Set the block dates in which residents rotate from one rotation to the next. By default, the schedule displays monthly dates beginning July 1st and ending June 30th. If your residents do not rotate on a monthly basis, you will need to set the block dates.

  1. If your residents have the same block dates, make sure View all staff is ON. Residents will appear in color. If any of your residents have different block dates, turn View all staff OFF. Residents will appear in black color.
  2. Place the cursor in the 1st date box above the schedule. The Infobox will display, block #'s start and end date, # of days in rotation block, and the # of columns in the schedule. There is also a drop-down selector for view type of block (e.g. custom blocks, 1-week, 2-week, etc.) Leave the default view, Custom blocks selected.

    1. How many rotation blocks does this staff type need? If it isn't 12, change the # of columns to the # you need. (e.g. 28-day rotations would need 13 columns).
    2. The dates will reset along the top. Do these dates look correct? If not, in the Infobox, change the dates by using the arrows along the top. The start day of the week for each rotation block appears in blue text above the rotation dates.

  3. Continue through for each date block until entire year's dates match your rotation dates.
  4. If residents sometimes have a split rotation where half of the block is spent in one rotation and the other half of the block in another rotation, you can define a split date for each rotation block.

    1. Place cursor in the date box. In the Infobox, the split date appears in lower right corner. Adjust the start day of the split by using the up and down arrows.
    2. If you want the split date to display in the date box above schedule, right-click on the date box. Select Show split dates. The split date appears below the rotation date in parenthesis.

Copy & Paste block dates from one staff type to another

  1. Open the schedule in OnCall. Go to the block page and ensure the All Staff View is turned off. Then go to the staff type with block dates you’d like to duplicate. Right click on Block 1 and select Copy Block Dates.

  2. Go to the staff type you’d like to apply the dates to. Right click on Block 1 and select Paste Block Dates.

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