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When you're ready to publish your schedule online, select File / Publish to Amion .... Enter your admin password and your email address and click the Save to Amion button. You'll get a confirmation message saying "Your file is updated".

If you are working on future schedules that you don't want your staff to view online, you can change the publish thru date before publishing to the web. This allows those with the admin password to view the entire year schedule online, but those with the staff password will only see the schedule up to the publish thru date. Go to File / Publish to Amion... In the Publish window on the left side, click on the down blue arrow next to the date to select your publish thru date. Click on the blue + icon to set an alternative publish thru date for certain shifts. Click Save to Amion to publish.

If you are working on next academic year's residency schedule that is not ready to release to your residents to view online, you can lock the schedule before publishing it to the web. Go to File / Publish to Amion .... In the Publish window click on the green padlock icon to close the lock and then click Save to Amion. Others with the admin password can log in at Amion.com and click the academic year link in the upper right corner of page to view the next year's schedule. No one accessing the schedules with the staff password will see the next academic year schedule.


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