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OnCloud: OnCall Online

To access OnCloud:

    1. Go to Amion.com
    2. Login using your schedule's administrator password.
    3. Once on your Amion Administrator page, click the OnCloud icon in the upper right corner to open another browser window with your schedule in editing mode.

OnCloud lets you build and edit schedules with all the power of OnCall from any web browser, no installation required! It's ideal for people who use a Mac or who otherwise cannot easily install OnCall including those working from home.

The OnCloud server can currently handle a limited number of concurrent sessions. Use freely but close when done so others can access the service. We are constantly monitoring the sessions and will increase this number of concurrent users as needed to support our customers.

If left idle for several minutes, OnCloud will save and close. It will also save automatically should you close the browser without exiting the app.

There are a few drawbacks. If no one has been on the system for a while, the server requires nearly two minutes to wake. Otherwise, it takes around 20 seconds to launch a session. A locally installed copy of OnCall has you in the schedule in a fraction of a second.

Also, OnCloud does not store local backups to your workstation while in use, whereas OnCall will. Learn more about local backups.

OnCloud is currently available at no additional cost. If it proves popular and we need to allow many more concurrent users, you may see a modest additional fee when you next renew.

Let us know what you think! Send comments to support@amion.com.


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