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Extra Pay

Track extra pay for moonlighters

Click Help/About OnCall to be check you have a build date of December 14, 2017 or later. Right click on a moonlighting shift. The popup menu has a couple new buttons. Choose "Extra pay / moonlight". You'll see a couple green lines on the left edge of the cell. The sticky note tab covers one of the lines. Mark a blank day as moonlighting and you'll see the entire graphic: a green "E" for "extra pay".

If the green E isn't prominent enough, right click again and at the bottom of the pop-up menu, choose "Hilite xtra pay / moonlighting". The moonlighting shifts will get a light gray shading.

You can toggle extra-pay on or off as needed for a single cell or a block of cells. To do a block, click on a cell, hold Shift click on another cell to define a range of shifts. Right click inside the block and set them to moonlight.

You can also right click on the name of a shift in the left column and set every day on that service as extra pay.

Convert your sticky-notes to extra pay notes

Right click on a shift with your "moonlighting shift" note. Hold the Ctrl key when you select "Extra pay / moonlight". It'll ask if you want to set all shifts with the same note to moonlighting. Say "yes" and it'll ask if you want to delete the notes.

At Amion, moonlighting shifts will have a green $ next to a person's name. You can view them to the "Who's on" list, the full monthly calendar and table views, and in personal calendars and shift-trading calendars.

In OnCall, you can tally regular and extra-pay shifts together or separately. Go to the tally page and you'll see two new check boxes in the upper right of the Infobox, "Reg pay" and "Xtra pay". To count moonlighting shifts only, turn off "Reg pay". To view only contracted work only, turn off "Xtra pay".


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