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Subset Page Passwords

Subset page passwords provide people outside your group access to a single subset page.

To set up a subset page password:

  1. In OnCall, click on the Schedule Content icon, in the icon toolbar.

  2. In the Schedule Content box, hold the CTRL & ALT keys together and click on the subset page icon you want to password protect.

  3. The Page Password box appears. Set the subset page password and full-access password. Then click OK.

    Once you set a subset page password, everyone must log in at Amion with the group password, a space and then the page password, or full-access password.

    For example, if the group password is 'schedule', the subset page password is 'site' and the full-access password is 'all', the password to log in with at Amion would be, 'schedule site' or 'schedule all'.

  4. For additional schedule password options, go to File / Preferences / Amion Passwords.


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