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If your Amion schedule has stopped syncing with your calendar, there are two common explanations:

  • Your scheduler changed the staff password.
    The URL you paste into your calendar includes your group's Amion login password. Your calendar cannot get schedule data with an old or invalid password in the URL.
  • Your calendar stopped fetching new data from your Amion schedule.
    Most calendars update calendar data 3 or 4 times a day. On rare occasions, they stop fetching new data altogether.

To re-sync your Amion schedule to your calendar:

  • Go to your calendar subscription/account settings and verify that the password in the URL is correct. If not, enter the correct password after Lo=. Or log into Amion, navigate to your personal calendar and click the Calendar link option at the bottom that best describes your calendar program to get a new URL.

  • If the password is correct, copy the URL to the clipboard. Unsubscribe from the calendar and add a new calendar by URL. Paste in the address and increment the four-digit number at the end of the URL by one. Your calendar will consider it an all-new calendar and will fetch new data from Amion.

Please contact us if your Amion schedule sync continues to fail.


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