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The Autoscheduler is designed to fill call duties in your schedule. It spaces assignments, balances the workload, ensures that different days of the week are distributed evenly, and accounts for FTE numbers and call patterns.

  1. Choose a service.
  2. Go to Window → Autoscheduler...
  3. Choose to fill Holidays, Weekends, and/or Mon-Fri. For example, if you'd rather schedule holidays manually, uncheck Holidays.
  4. Select a range of dates using From and to (if you've created a schedule for the new year, you can autoschedule across two years).
  5. Click Apply (you can undo the autoschedule you just created by choosing Clear).

By default, the autoscheduler balances totals over the entire year. However, for residency schedules, it's often best to balance just the days you're filling (perhaps one rotation). Go to File → Preferences → Autoscheduler and select Balance totals for just the days being filled.

Click the Sigma icon to go to the statistics (tally) page. Click "Shifts to tally" in the Infobox. (Note that when trying to balance workloads and avoid conflicts, the autoscheduler ignores shifts that aren't included in the tally).

Schedules built manually or using the autoscheduler typically need some fine-tuning. Many groups look at the statistics page (tally report) to ensure fairness, and then manually adjust a few assignments in their schedule to improve the balance.

While on the tally page, you can also click and drag a number from one row to another to take a shift from someone who has a heavier workload and give it to someone who's on the low side.

The auto-scheduler looks over the tally period to find the best shift to give to the other person.


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