MSH: 212-241-8989, MSSL: 212-523-7825, MSW: 212-523-2158,
NYEE: 212-979-4357, MSBI: 212-420-4343,
MSQ: 718-808-7779, MSB: 718-951-9427

Who's on   Sun, Feb 25, 2024     (as of 3:11am )    

 Service     Name Training  Contact  
Allergy and Clinical Immunology MSH, MSM, MSW, MSQ Fellow on call 8a-6p  Patel, NeilPGY 4 917-708-1196 
 MSH, MSM, MSW, MSQ Attending on call7a-7p  Choo, EugeneMD   
 Pediatric Attending On Call8a-6p  Welch, KateMD   
 MSBI Attending On Call8a-6p  Choo, EugeneMD   
 MSH, MSM, MSW, MSQ Fellow on call PM hours6p-8a  Patel, NeilPGY 4 917-708-1196 
 MSH, MSM, MSW, MSQ Attending on call PM hours7p-7a  Choo, EugeneMD   
 MSBI Attending on Call PM hours6p-8a  Choo, EugeneMD   
Anesthesiology - MSBI Anesthesia airway pager (13623) 7a-7a  13623CRNA airway pager( 13623)   
 #1 (On Call)7a-7a  JahngMD 917-797-7157 
 #2 (late 1)7a-7a  NemesdyMD 845-596-3514 
Anesthesiology - MSH MSH Airway Management8a-8a  Team 7000MD 92963   
 MSH Anesthesiology Consult8a-8a  Team LeaderMD 92875   
 MSH Anesthesiology Attending On-Call8a-8a  Attending 1AMD 646-341-1185   
 MSH Pain Management - Acute8a-8a  Acute PainMD 646-592-0145   
 MSH Pain Management - Chronic8a-8a  Chronic PainMD 646-592-0084   
Anesthesiology - NYEEI First call7a-7a  Jonathan AscherMD 917-226-4413   
 Second call7a-7a  Leah ReimerMD 917-273-6021 
Cardiac Shock CHF ICU-Non 7C Attending (24 hours)8a-8a  Fox, AriehCHF 929-358-6899   
 CTS7a-7a  Shinobu Itagaki MD 646-300-0627 
 CTS Backup7a-7a  Ani Anyanwu MD 646-851-3567 
 Interventional Cardiology (IC)7a-7a  Gregory SerraoMD 917-756-6852   
 Interventional Cardiology (IC) Backup 8a-6p  KrishnamoorthyCath-Attending 732-501-5100   
 Cath Lab Control Room8a-9p  Annapoorna KiniMD 212-241-0935 
 CICU Attending7a-7a  Leibner, Evan MD 646-618-5082 
Cardiology - EHC HOME CALL STAFF ONLY (5PM to 7AM).
 Cardiology Fellow On Call8a-8a  Priya Panday1st year 76416 
 CPORT Fellow On Call7a-7a  Ranbir Singh2nd year 14452   
 CCU Attending On Call6a-6a  Lenny YatskarCPORT Attending 917-822-2176 
 CPORT Attending on Call5p-8a  Lenny YatskarCPORT Attending 917-822-2176 
Cardiology - MSBI Weekend Day Call7a-7p  Daein Choi1st Year Fellow 917-690-737013344 
 Weekend Night Call7p-7a  Dua Noor Butt1st Year Fellow 718-710-862413781 
 On Call Attending6p-6a  Shyam AminAttending 516-708-3423  
 On Call Interventional Attending6p-6a  Hugo RoseroCath Attending 917-776-8932    
 Weekend Backup6p-6a  Seth Newman2nd Year Fellow 10910  
Cardiology - MSH General Cardiology Consult7a-7a  Consult Fellow2YrFellow pager 7223  
 Electrophysiology Consult7a-5p  EP Consult FellowEP Fellow 646-477-6969  
 Electrophysiology Consult (EMERGENCIES ONLY)5p-7a  EP Consult FellowEP Fellow 646-477-6969  
 Pacemaker-Defibrillator Interrogation (EMERGENCIES ...5p-7a  EP Consult FellowEP Fellow 646-477-6969  
 Interventional Cardiology Consult9a-9a  Cath Fellow on CallCath Fellow pager 0289    
 Interventional Cardiology Admission9a-9a  Please call doctor of the patientCath-Attending    
 Gold Fellow (Weekend Only)7a-5p  Feinman, Jason3YrFellow 146-209-5345  
 Gold- General Cardiology9a-9a  Miller, MarcEPS Attending 646-220-8968  
 Green - Echo9a-9a  SafiGreen-Attending 929-458-4634  
 HF ICU-7W Attending9a-9a  Fox, AriehCHF 929-358-6899    
 Cath9a-9a  Khera,SCath-Attending 646-737-4852    
 HF Floor-ER Attending9a-9a  Fox, AriehCHF 929-358-6899    
 HF ICU- 7W Attending9a-9a  Fox, AriehCHF 929-358-6899    
 EP Attending On-Call 9a-9a  MaanEPS Attending 64   
 CCU Fellow (8a-5p)7a-5p  Choi, Harry1YrFellow 146-209-43144314 
 Consult Fellow (8a-5p)7a-5p  Choi, Harry1YrFellow 7223 4314 
 Consult ATTENDING7a-7a  McLaughlinGold-Attending 646-784-0590    
 ADS Attending6p-6a  Khera,SCath-Attending 646-737-4852    
 On-Call Cath Fellow (STEMI)9a-9a  Dar, TawseefCath Fellow 146-209-00200020 
On Call Fellow
 MSH On Call5p-7a  Choi, Harry1YrFellow 146-209-43144314 
 Back up Fellow5p-7a  Rojas Zamalloa, Jorge2YrFellow 146-209-72727272 
 Fuster Fellow6a-6a  Edens, Madison1YrFellow 146-209-55515551 
Cardiology - MSQ CARDIOLOGY CONSULT7a-7a  ALLISON SELBYMD 347-343-1016      
 Weekend Echo Techs7a-2:30p  AVI KHANRN 347-260-8545  
 Cathlab On Call Attend # 17a-7a  Jonathan MurphyMD 347-572-3891  
 Cathlab On Call Attend # 27a-7a  PARASURAM KRISHNAMOORTHYMD 732-501-5100  
RN 917-238-8430  
 Cathlab On Call RN # 17p-7a  JOSHUA ANGELES
RN 718-619-1159  
 Cathlab On Call RN # 27a-7a  Janette HuangRN 646-283-3787  
 Cathlab On Call IR Tech7a-7a  Yawo GavloIR Technician 212-241-1300...  
Cardiology - MSSL EP Consults: For NIGHTS (5PM - 7AM) and WEEKENDS, please page 30100
 MSSL EP ATTENDING7a-7a  MEHTA, D.EP MD914-320-8676  
 MSSL EP FELLOW NIGHT (Pager Only) 5p-7a  LEE, SHAWNEP FELLOWSpgr. 34633  551-404-5733 
 MSSL ADS CARDIOLOGY NP SERV 7p-7a PGR 355427p-7a  MACK, J. NP917-841-1219  
General Consults: Please page 30100
 MSSL HF ATTENDING8a-6p  CORREA, ASHISHAttending PhysiciansPager: 32774    
 MSSL CCU ATTENDING7a-7a  TOMEY, M.Attending Physicians646-946-7527917-837-8285 
 MSSL ECHO8a-6p  GURUDAVEN, SAttending Physicians619-733-9131  
 MSSL INTERVENTIONAL ATTENDING 8a-8a  TOMEY, M.Attending Physicians646-946-7527917-837-8285 
Cardiology - MSW MSW EP ATTENDING7a-5p  MEHTA, D.Attending Physicians 914-320-8676  
 MSW BURGUNDY ATTENDING7a-5p  KORNBERG, R.Attending Physicians 914-804-1790  
 MSW CONSULT FELLOW7a-5p  Albano, JeriFELLOWS 30300   267-344-5954 
10B fellow Pager also is 30301
 MSW BURGUNDY FELLOW 8a-7p  Albano, JeriFELLOWS 30301   267-344-5954 
Can always page the cardiology fellow 30300
 MSW CONSULT ATTENDING7a-6p  KORNBERG, R.Attending Physicians 914-804-1790  
 MSW ON CALL FELLOW 5p-8a  Sarkar, SharmilaFELLOWS 15098917-626-0913 
 MSW ON CALL ATTENDING7a-7a  KORNBERG, R.Attending Physicians 914-804-1790  
Cardiothoracic Surgery - MSH If not an emergency, specific numberes are listed on next page.
 5Center CTICU 6a-6a  On CallICU On Call Cover 212-241-7344...   
Aortic Dissection-Emergency Type 1/Type A/Ascending or Indeterminate (cardiac, thoracic, vascular)
 Aortic Dissection-Emergency Type A or Indeterminate...6a-6a  El-Hamamsy, IsmailAttending 646-531-3609  
 Aortic Dissection-Emergency Type A or Indeterminate...6a-6a  Williams, BertAttending 646-612-0715  
 Aortic Dissection Emergency Type B Call #1 (cardiac...6a-6a  Rao, AjitAttending 607-341-1424  
Aortic Dissection-Emergency Type 2/Type B/Descending or Indeterminate IF CONFIRMED (cardiac, thoracic, vascular)
 New Patient Cardiac Consults 6:30a-6:30a  Fellow - CardiacAttending 347-346-0254   
 Cardiac Attending On-Call 6:30a-6:30a  Patil, AartiAttending 646-689-7108  
 Thoracic Service Line6:30a-6:30a  Fellow - ThoracicFellow 646-660-5773  
 Thoracic Attending On-Call6a-6a  Song, KimberlyAttending 646-831-2319  
Cardiovascular Surg - MSSL Day Intensivist 7a-6p7a-6p  Sanam AhmedIntensivist 917-597-9723  
 Night Intensivist 6p-7a6p-7a  Aparna ChopraIntensivist 201-914-3331  
 Fellow On-Call 24 hrs12a-12a  Timothy Lee Fellow    
 ICU Day7a-7:30p  Alexandra CarideoNP 609-706-8735  
 Stepdown (4W)7a-7:30p  Brian MacDonaldNP 973-670-6438  
 ICU-6E Night 7p-8a (1)7p-8a  Bozena BongiornoNP 914-920-0082  
 4W-ICU Night 7p-8a (2)7p-8a  Sitora MirsoatovaNP 646-244-6163    
 OR On-Call12a-12a  Richard VitaleOR PA 917-882-0905  
 Anesthesia On-Call 24 hrs7p-7a  Himani BhattAnesthesia 856-265-1646  
 Perfusion On-Call5p-7a  Siedel HoodPerfusionist 319-671-2224  
Care Management - MSQ 2 East9a-5p  Tatyana ShamalovaPerdiem Care Manager 347-804-3779    
 3 East9a-5p  Tatyana ShamalovaPerdiem Care Manager 347-804-3779    
 3 West9a-5p  Tatyana ShamalovaPerdiem Care Manager 347-804-3779    
 4 East7a-3p  Tatyana ShamalovaPerdiem Care Manager 347-804-3779    
 IMCU9a-5p  Tatyana ShamalovaPerdiem Care Manager 347-804-3779    
 ICU9a-5p  Tatyana ShamalovaPerdiem Care Manager 347-804-3779    
Case Management - MSH ED-RETU   Gomez, JorgeCase Manager 646-992-1886  
 ED-RETU   Oh, GinaCase Manager 347-573-1893  
 ED-RETU   Corpus, ManuelCase Manager    
 Weekend Coverage   Boahene, JuliaSenior Case Manager 917-580-0674  
Case management MSW 2 ED Weekend7a-7:30p  Natasha TaduranCase Manager 646-906-4609Ext: 236005 
 Inpt Weekend8a-4p  Zoya ShimunovaCase Manager 917-574-9020Ext: 236011 
 ED Weekend Nights7p-7:30a  Jungeun, KimCase Manager    
Clinical Nutrition - Morningside 4W8a-6p  Weekend-Holiday RDRD Pager: 35466Office: 23-1605 
 5W-LB58a-6p  Weekend-Holiday RDRD Pager: 35466Office: 23-1605 
 7E (SICU)8a-6p  Weekend-Holiday RDRD Pager: 35466Office: 23-1605 
 7E (MICU)8a-6p  Weekend-Holiday RDRD Pager: 35466Office: 23-1605 
 6W8a-6p  Weekend-Holiday RDRD Pager: 35466Office: 23-1605 
 7W8a-6p  Weekend-Holiday RDRD Pager: 35466Office: 23-1605 
 8W8a-6p  Weekend-Holiday RDRD Pager: 35466Office: 23-1605 
 8E8a-6p  Weekend-Holiday RDRD Pager: 35466Office: 23-1605 
 9W8a-6p  Weekend-Holiday RDRD Pager: 35466Office: 23-1605 
 9E8a-6p  Weekend-Holiday RDRD Pager: 35466Office: 23-1605 
 10E8a-6p  Weekend-Holiday RDRD Pager: 35466Office: 23-1605 
 Clk-58a-6p  Weekend-Holiday RDRD Pager: 35466Office: 23-1605 
 CLK-88a-6p  Weekend-Holiday RDRD Pager: 35466Office: 23-1605 
 ED8a-6p  Weekend-Holiday RDRD Pager: 35466Office: 23-1605 
 6E (CCU)8a-6p  Weekend-Holiday RDRD Pager: 35466Office: 23-1605 
 6E (CTICU)8a-6p  Weekend-Holiday RDRD Pager: 35466Office: 23-1605 
 CLK -7 (Rehab)8a-4p  Weekend-Holiday RDRD Pager: 35466Office: 23-1605 
Clinical Nutrition - MSH Sunday8a-6p  Collen, AbigailRD 44090 tel44090 
 Sunday8a-6p  Anzellotti, SydneyRD    
 Pediatric Nutrition Urgent Weekend8a-6p  Scalia, CianaRD 3425  41685 
Critical Care Med -  MSBI 7D ICU DAY - MSBI7a-8p  Huynh, JenniferPA 917-538-8139    
 7D ICU Night - MSBI7p-8a  Zhu, AndrewMoonlighter    
Dermatology Surgical cases that cannot be solved with assigned on call attending, please call Dr. Lewin 646-784-1006
 MSH - Day (home call on weekends)8a-5p  Nicholas Heitman mshnMSH night/wknd/holiday146-209-9442    
 MSH - Day (home call on weekends)8a-5p  Jacob GlickmanBACKUP resident201-452-8617    
 MSH - Day (home call on weekends)8a-5p  Lynne Napatalung Attending615-653-9223    
 MSH - Day (home call on weekends)8a-8a  Justine Fenner BiedermanBACKUP Attending   
 MSH - Night (home call)5p-8a  Nicholas Heitman mshnMSH night/wknd/holiday9442     
 MSH - Night (home call)5p-8a  Nour El-KashlanBACKUP resident73448466574    
 MSH - Night (home call)5p-8a  Lynne Napatalung Attending615-653-9223    
 MSBI - Day (home call on weekends)8a-5p  Daniela Mikhaylov slcMSSLW/BI Resident347-859-0550    
 MSBI - Day (home call on weekends)8a-5p  Nour El-KashlanBACKUP resident73448466574    
 MSBI - Day (home call on weekends)8a-5p  Lynne Napatalung Attending615-653-9223    
 MSBI - Night (home call)5p-8a  Daniela Mikhaylov slcMSSLW/BI Resident347-859-0550    
 MSBI - Night (home call)5p-8a  Nour El-KashlanBACKUP resident73448466574    
 MSBI - Night (home call)5p-8a  Lynne Napatalung Attending615-653-9223    
 MSSL - Day (home call on weekends)8a-5p  Daniela Mikhaylov slcMSSLW/BI Resident347-859-0550    
 MSSL - Day (home call on weekends)8a-5p  Nour El-KashlanBACKUP resident73448466574    
 MSSL - Day (home call on weekends)8a-5p  Lynne Napatalung Attending615-653-9223    
 MSSL - Night (home call)5p-8a  Daniela Mikhaylov slcMSSLW/BI Resident347-859-0550    
 MSSL - Night (home call)5p-8a  Nour El-KashlanBACKUP resident73448466574    
 MSSL - Night (home call)5p-8a  Lynne Napatalung Attending615-653-9223    
 MSW - Day (home call on weekends)8a-5p  Daniela Mikhaylov slcMSSLW/BI Resident347-859-0550    
 MSW - Day (home call on weekends)8a-5p  Nour El-KashlanBACKUP resident73448466574    
 MSW - Day (home call on weekends)8a-5p  Lynne Napatalung Attending615-653-9223    
 MSW - Night (dermatology home call)5p-8a  Daniela Mikhaylov slcMSSLW/BI Resident347-859-0550    
 MSW - Night (dermatology home call)5p-8a  Nour El-KashlanBACKUP resident73448466574    
 MSW - Night (dermatology home call)5p-8a  Lynne Napatalung Attending615-653-9223    
ED SAFE and Advocate-MSBI SAFE EXAMINER MSBI 7a-7p8a-6p  Jennifer KooningsSAFE EXAMINER MSBI 415-596-2129  
 SAFE EXAMINER MSBI 7p-7a8a-6p  Michelle MarteSAFE EXAMINER MSBI 917-520-0644  
 SAFE EXAMINER TROUBLESHOOTER 8a-6p8a-6p  Kate MongomerySafe Examiner Troubleshooter 929-489-6538  
 SAFE EXAMINER TROUBLESHOOTER 6p-8a8a-6p  Kate MongomerySafe Examiner Troubleshooter 929-489-6538  
 SEXUAL ASSAULT & IPV VOLUNTEER ADVOCATE MSBI 8a-8p8a-6p  Sahana ShridharSexual Assault And Ipv Volunteer Advocvate Msbi 404-434-3553  
 SEXUAL ASSAULT & IPV VOLUNTEER ADVOCATE MSBI 7p-8a8a-6p  Kei HoshinoSexual Assault And Ipv Volunteer Advocvate Msbi 510-387-7570  
 VOLUNTEER ADVOCATE TROUBLESHOOTER 24 hours8a-6p  Heidi RossVolunteer Advocate Troubleshooter p 15578  cell 917-562-2245 
 MSH MSQ SAFE Night7p-7a  AISHA DABREO, RNSAFE 646-342-3598  
 SAFE Troubleshooter Wknd6p-8a  Kate MontgomerySAFE Troubleshooter 929-489-6538  
 SAVI Advocate8a-8a  SAVI AdvocateSAVI Advocate 757-673-7605    
Endocrinology MSH-MSW-MSM-MSBI-VAMC MSH and Bronx VAMC On Call and Weekend Consults
 MSH Weekend Consult Fellow8a-5p  Daniel Slack2nd Year Fellow 6141   
 MSH Weekend Consult Attending8a-5p  Nirali ShahAttending 608-334-3140    
 MSH On Call Fellow (Home Call)5p-8a  Daniel Slack2nd Year Fellow 6141   
 MSH On Call Attending5p-9a  Nirali ShahAttending 608-334-3140    
Mount Sinai West and Morningside Consults
 MSW Consult Fellow8a-5p  Tracey Rosa1st Year Fellow 30320   
 MSM Consult Fellow8a-5p  Tracey Rosa1st Year Fellow 30120   
 MSW-MSM Consult Attending8a-5p  Peter GouldenAttending 501-218-3840    
 MSW-MSM Nutrition Consult Attending8a-5p  Gregory Dodell Attending 818-398-9133    
 MSW-MSM On Call Fellow (Home Call)5p-8a  Tracey Rosa1st Year Fellow 30120   
 MSW-MSM On Call Attending5p-8a  Peter GouldenAttending 501-218-3840    
Mount Sinai Beth Israel Consults
 MSBI Consult Fellow8a-5p  Jiby Yohannan2nd Year Fellow 11111   
 MSBI Consult Attending8a-5p  Lena FanAttending 917-774-2078    
 MSBI On Call Fellow (Home Call)5p-8a  Jiby Yohannan2nd Year Fellow 11111   
 MSBI On Call Attending5p-8a  Lena FanAttending 917-774-2078    
ENT (Otolaryngology) MSH Attending Call (24hrs)7a-7a  Mohemmed Nazir KhanAttending 201-707-2016  
 MSH ENT Resident On Call 7a-7p  MSH ENT Resident TeamResident  2510   
 MSH ENT Emergency Surgical Airway Team Phone 7a-7a  Surgical Airway ENT ResidentResident  2510   646-584-5531 
 MSM Attending (Evenings, all day Weekends)8a-8a  Thai-duong CungAttending 301-938-6934  
 MSW-NYEE Junior Resident, 7a-7a (24hrs) 7a-7a  MSW ENT Resident TeamResident  31595      
 MSW Attending8a-8a  Noah SandsAttending 917-617-3993    
 MSBI Consult PA 8a-8a8a-8a  MSBI ENT-Ortho PA PA 347-344-8064  
 MSBI Attending On-Call 8a-8a8a-8a  Raj TandonAttending 917-566-7273  
Ethics - MSBI Ethics Consult8a-8a  Chari BelmonteMD 480-452-8869  
 Ethics Consult8a-8a  Christine MahoneyRN 347-541-0983212-844-5858 
Facial Trauma Facial Trauma Call (Plastics) 7a-7a  Plastics Resident TeamMD 4619   
 Facial Trauma Call (OMFS) 7a-7a  OMFS Resident TeamMD 1992   
Family Medicine FM on call during the day-8AM-8PM,
 Fam Med Long Call - Senior 17a-7p  Badro, MarioPGY2929-680-5795  
 Fam Med Long Call - Intern 17a-7p  Gupta, NikitaPGY 1929-680-5789  
NF on call from 8PM-8AM
 Night Float7p-7a  Chowdhury, SayeedaPGY2929-680-5794    
 Night Float7p-7a  Johnsen, AngelicaPGY 1914-830-3660  
 Service Attending On Service8a-5p  Teets, RaymondAttending718-869-2426  
 Service Attending Night Call (5p-7:30a)6a-6a  Teets, RaymondAttending718-869-2426  
 Postpartum Rounding Attending (8a-11a)6a-6a  Glass, SamanthaAttending312-888-6299  
Gastroenterology MSBI MSM MSW MSM-W Weekend GI Fellow (Home Call)7a-7a  Sehmbhi, Mantej1st Yr Fellow 34407  
 MSM-W Weekend GI Attending7a-7a  Lewis, AyannaAttending 305-303-4050    
Mount Sinai Beth Israel - For all consults, contact GI Attending
 MSBI GI Attending7a-12p  Park, Sarah HMD 714-873-6477    
 MSBI GI Attending12p-5p  Park, Sarah HMD 714-873-6477    
 MSBI GI Attending5p-7a  Park, Sarah HMD 714-873-6477    
 MSBI Emergency Endoscopic Procedures-only Fellow We...7a-7a  Tillowitz, Adam1st Yr Fellow 34405  
Gastroenterology - MSH SINAI - For General GI consults, page 8730 as FIRST PAGE at all times and DO NOT EPIC CHAT for new consults. For NYGA (New York Gastroenterology Associate) patients, please call (212) 996-6633 to speak with on-call provider.
 GI Consult Pager 7a-5p  GI FellowService Pager 146-209-8730  8730 
 MSH Weekend Fellow6a-6a  Akshita Gupta1 Yr. Fellow 146-209-0174  0174 
 VA Weekend Fellow6a-6a  Jellyana Peraza2 Yr. Fellow 146-209-0471  
 GI Consult Fellow AFTER 5p (Home Call) 5p-7a  Jellyana Peraza2 Yr. Fellow 146-209-0471  
 Call Center (AFTER 5p, Weekends, Holidays)6a-6a  Jellyana Peraza2 Yr. Fellow 146-209-0471  
 VA GI Consult AFTER 5p 5p-7a  Akshita Gupta1 Yr. Fellow 146-209-0174  0174 
 Fellows Sick Call Coverage7a-7a  Brian Horwich3 Yr. Fellow 146-209-54255425 
 FPA Service Attending 8a-6p  Kayal, MaiaAttending    
 Oncall ERCP Attending6p-6a  Kumta, NikhiAttending 917-205-0433  
Geriatrics Palliative Care - MSH, MSBI, MSSL... MSH GERIATRICS PRIMARY CALL * Mobile Acute Care for the Elderly (MACE) for new admissions contact by pager - 146-209-1676 (SR 1676)*
 Geriatrics Inpatient MACE - MSH8a-8a  MSH MACE PagerStaff 146-209-1676if no response, 212-659-8552 
 Geriatrics Inpatient Consults - MSH8a-8a  MSH Geri Consults PagerStaff 146-209-6430if no response, 212-659-8552 
 Palliative Care Consult - MS Morningside9a-9a  EPIC CHATStaff    
 Palliative Care Consult - MS West9a-9a  EPIC CHATStaff    
MSH PALLIATIVE CARE PRIMARY CALL- (212-241-5200 for palliative care unit/KP6)
 Palliative Care Consults8a-8a  MSH Palliative Care Consults PagerStaff 146-209-9399if no response, 212-241-1446 
 Palliative Care Unit8a-8a  KP6Staff 212-241-5200 telContact 212-241-5200 
 Geriatrics Outpatient Phone Coverage8a-8a  SUCHMAN, KellyGeriatrics Fellow 146-209-7154  
 Geriatrics Inpatient Fellow8a-8a  BALBOUL, YoniGeriatrics Fellow 146-209-1904  
 Geriatrics Inpatient Attending8a-8a  CALLAHAN, EileenAttending 201-320-4419  
 Palliative Care Inpatient Fellow8a-8a  KOFMEHL, EmmaPalliative Care Fellow 146-209-0298  
 Palliative Care Inpatient Attending8a-8a  MATHER, HarrietAttending 146-209-0183  
 MSM PC Fellow8a-8a  BARLEY, BoPalliative Care Fellow 146-209-4063  
 MSM PC Attending8a-8a  MULHOLLAND, ChristieAttending 146-209-0716      
 MSW PC Fellow8a-8a  BARLEY, BoPalliative Care Fellow 146-209-4063  
 MSW PC Attending8a-8a  MULHOLLAND, ChristieAttending 146-209-0716      
 MSBI PC Fellow8a-8a  BARLEY, BoPalliative Care Fellow 146-209-4063  
 MSBI PC Attending8a-8a  MULHOLLAND, ChristieAttending 146-209-0716      
 MSBI PalCare At Home Fellow8a-8a  BARLEY, BoPalliative Care Fellow 146-209-4063  
 MSBI PalCare At Home Attending8a-8a  MULHOLLAND, ChristieAttending 146-209-0716      
 MSUS Geriatrics Weekend Attending9a-9a  CONDO, AngelaAttending 201-577-8456  
 MSM Geri Service Attending8a-5p  MASUTANI, RebeccaAttending 146-209-0430      
Hem/Onc & Infusion - MSW & MSSL Weekend Call (MSSL)8a-8a  AnagnostouATTENDING 857-231-2060    
Hematology/Oncology - MSH, MSW, MSBI MSH - On call Holidays, On call after 5pm, weekends
 MSH: Multiple Myeloma, BMT & HemConsult Fellow, Wee...8a-8a  Mouhieddine, Tarek3 YR Fellow 347-545-1253    
 MSH: Leuk, Lymph&Solid Onc Consults-Fellow, Weekend8a-8a  Anyanwu, Mercy1 YR Fellow 917-359-2957    
 MSH: Solid Onc Consults - Attending8a-8a  Sung, MaxAttending 347-714-1653    
 MSH: Multiple Myeloma & BMT - Attending, Weekend8a-8a  Rodriguez-Valdes, CesarAttending 347-266-8091    
 MSH: Leuk, Lymph and HemeConsults - Attending, Week...8a-8a  Liu, JohnsonAttending 929-996-5379    
 MSH: Myeloma CART CRS - Attending, Weekend8a-8a  Rossi, AdrianaAttending 347-306-8905    
 MSW: Fellow - Weekend8a-8a  Siegel, Ariel1 YR Fellow 332-268-4144    
 MSW: Attending - Weekend8a-8a  Kozuch, PeterAttending 917-913-9746    
 MSBI: Hematology Consult - Weekends8a-8a  Rappaport, FredAttending 914-299-8404    
 MSBI Oncology Emergencies/ Possible Transfers8a-8a  Siegel, Ariel1 YR Fellow 332-268-4144    
Hematology/Oncology NP - MSH MSH - Hematology/Oncology NP and HMHS Service
 HemeOnc NP DAY - Charge7a-7:30p  Wildrey LabrielHemOnc NP 646-565-8817      
 HemeOnc NP DAY7a-7:30p  Karolina FeldmanHemOnc NP 646-761-6341      
 HemeOnc NP DAY7a-7:30p  Jake KimHemOnc NP 347-931-8695      
 HemeOnc NP DAY7a-7:30p  Rachelle Hirtenfeld-SteinHemOnc NP 332-215-2961      
 HemeOnc NP DAY7a-7:30p  Deshawn McDowallHemOnc NP 646-771-9738    
 HemeOnc NP DAY7a-7:30p  Kim McGingHemOnc NP 347-229-2368    
 HemeOnc NP DAY7a-7:30p  Yolanda SanchezHemOnc NP 347-514-4697    
MSH - Bone Marrow Transplant NP Service
 BMT NP DAY7a-7:30p  Christopher WilkinsonBMT NP 646-866-4854      
 BMT NP DAY7a-7:30p  Nina KopelevaBMT NP 646-740-6492      
 BMT NP DAY7a-7:30p  Keiko WahlinBMT NP 646-946-7074      
 BMT NP DAY7a-7:30p  Sabrina JagmohanBMT NP 646-745-0546      
MSH - Night Shift. Heme/Onc, HMHS, and BMT NP Services
 Night Shift - Charge7p-7:30a  Olubunmi AbiodunHemOnc NP 646-901-3670      
 Night Shift7p-7:30a  Chelsea OnuorahHemOnc NP 646-634-6916    
 Night Shift7p-7:30a  Patrick SinghHemOnc NP 646-740-6579      
 Night Shift7p-7:30a  Linh-da CarrHemOnc NP 646-899-9577      
 Night Shift Moonlighter7p-7:30a  Pakhi GoelMoonlighter 347-592-4693  
 Night Shift Moonlighter7p-7:30a  Angela LiuMoonlighter 347-970-9178    
 Night Shift Moonlighter7p-7:30a  Sassan AndalibiMoonlighter 146-209-5156    
Hospital Medicine - MSSL START
 START ATTENDING8a-8p  Rahim, SaquibPA 312-890-3591   
 START ATTENDING8a-8p  Fruchter, DavidMD 13285   
 START APP8a-8p  Balletta, MichaelNP 33800   
 SWING SHIFT - CROSS COVERAGE5p-9p  Tai, Hua-Hsin (David)MD 34291   
 CLARK 5 (ADS A) ATTENDING8a-8p  Perez Lizardo, ChristopherMD 30322   
 CLARK 5 (ADS A) APP8a-8p  Moy, ElvinaPA 32218   
 CLARK 5 (ADS A) APP8a-8p  Fernandez, StephanieNP 35621   
 6 West (ADS B) ATTENDING8a-8p  Huda, SaraMD 33814   
 6 WEST (ADS B) APP8a-8p  Zompa, TenzingNP 31569   
 7 WEST (ADS C) ATTENDING8a-8p  Seplowe, MatthewDO 30333   
 7 WEST (ADS C) APP8a-8p  Reina, KatherineNP 203-500-9111   
 9 WEST (ADS D) ATTENDING8a-8p  Potini, YaminiMD 33721   
 9 WEST (ADS D) APP8a-8p  Choi, HyekyoungNP 35597   
 GEN MED 6 WEST8a-8p  Greely, JohnMD 34110   
 GEN MED 7 WEST8a-8p  Adair, Regina GormanDO 32955   
 GEN MED 9 EAST8a-8p  Rivera, ArgelisMD 35680   
 GEN MED 8W-8E & MC ATTENDING8a-8p  Shin, Ji HaeMD 33741   
 SAPPHIRE8a-8p  Felder, BenjaminDO 13863   
 GERIATRICS8a-8p  Masutani, RebeccaMD 4841   
 NIGHT 1 (START)8p-8a  Khan, MohammedMD 33723   
 NIGHT 28p-8a  Hijaz, ShireenMD 34688   
 NIGHT 3 (RETU)8p-8a  Psomadakis, CorinnaMBBS 33099   
 DAY TRANSFER8a-8a  Rahim, SaquibPA 312-890-3591   
 NIGHT TRANSFER8a-8a  Khan, MohammedMD 33723   
Clinical Command Center
 Central Hospitalist8:30a-10p  Hui, JenniferAttending 646-262-9870  10135 
Hospital Medicine - MSW Orange Team (14MS) 8a-8p  Sawant, AshwinMD3-2723  
 Purple Team (10B)8a-8p  Lin, SusanDO917-497-1586    
 Gold (9A) Zhuoran Yang8a-8p  --     
 Silver (9A)8a-8p  Brown, TeresaDO   
 ADS1 (9B) Attending Robert Halbritter8a-8p  --     
 ADS1 (9B) PA Emma8a-6p  --     
 ADS2 (9B) Attending8a-8p  Bogdanic, FiliMD   
 ADS2 (9B) PA8a-6p  Eng, JonathanPA   
 ADS-3 Attending Lance Maresky8a-8p  --     
 ADS-3 PA Mohammed Khan8a-6p  --     
 ADS4 (8G) Attending8a-8p  Abdel Qader, FatmaMD3-0388  
 ADS4 (8G) PA8a-8p  Mazitova, KamilaPA3-3548    
 ED Boarder - STAR Team Attending8a-8p  Alon, MarkMD917-929-8975    
 ED Boarder- STAR Team PA #18a-8p  Barhold, LorenPA3-1276  
 ED Boarder-STAR Team PA #28a-6p  Ngo, KhoaPA   
 ED Boarder - 2nd Provider Shenoy - BI8a-8p  --     
 Consults-Attending Lance Maresky8a-8p  --     
 Transfers (Day)8a-8p  Alon, MarkMD917-929-8975    
 Transfers (Night)8p-8a  Pilly, ParikMD3-3345  
9am-5pm contact Hospital Medicine on call: (212) 259-6710
 Night Hospitalist- STAR Team Attending8p-8a  Pilly, ParikMD3-3345  
 RETU Night PA8p-8a  Amara, KekeliPA   
 Central Hospitalist8:30a-10p  Hui, JenniferAttending646-262-9870  10135 
Hospital Medicine- MSBI, NYEEI Team 17a-7p  Chernyavsky, SvetlanaAttending 917-776-0280  10232 
 Team 27a-7p  Jordan, KevinAttending 631-513-8923  10733 
 Team 57a-7p  Patel, ShamitAttending 917-687-3279  10753 
 Team 67a-7p  Chong, MichelleAttending 626-536-0781    
Clinical Command Center
 Central Hospitalist: 8:30a to 10p8:30a-10p  Hui, JenniferAttending 646-262-9870  10135 
ED Hospitalist
 ED Hospitalist (TRANSFER- On Call) switch with KE7a-7p  Belmonte, ChariAttending 480-452-8869  10397 
Rivington (Mount Sinai Behavioral Health Center) Weekend coverage
 Behavioral Health Center RIVWE7a-7p  Chi, HaoAttending 646-725-8928  10227 
Hospitalist Chief/Administrator on Duty
 AOD7a-7a  Chernyavsky, SvetlanaAttending 917-776-0280  10232 
Team 14 PA 7AM-7:50PM
 Team 14 PA7a-7:45p  Ashley, PhilipPA 10781    
Team 14 PA 7PM-750AM
 Team 14 Night PA 7p-750a 7a-7p  Stewart, SaraPA    
Nocturnist 1- ED Hospitalist (TRANSFER- On Call)
 Nocturnist 17p-7a  Christophe, Kimberly Attending 203-253-8343  13684 
Nocturnist 2- Med Consult (Petrie/ Rivington teleconsult)
 Nocturnist 27p-7a  Moyo, LeeroyAttending 561-312-8478    
Hospitalization at Home
 MSaH Clinician 1 patient rounding8a-8:30a  Cameron Hernandez
Hospitalist 646-942-1215  
 MSaH Clinician 2 admitting9a-6p  Hospitalization at Home      
 Asian Services12a-12a  Leung, JennyAttending 917-868-1812  13850 
MSW Cross Coverage
 MSW Cross Coverage8a-8p  Shenoy, AartiAttending 716-432-5718  13868 
MSM Cross Coverage
 MSM Cross Coverage8a-8p  Felder, Benjamin Attending 13863  5204403152 
 NYEEI Medicine-Psychiatry Consult Days 9a-5p  NYEE Consult ContactServices 212-420-2137  
 NYEEI Medicine-Psychiatry Consult Nights 5p-9a  NYEE Consult ContactServices 212-420-2137  
Hospitalist MSSN Hospitalist Admitter8:30a-7p  Islam, Mehrab Hospitalist  917-495-7722Beeper 516-632-3260 x379 
 Hospitalist Rounder7a-7p  Rehman, Naeem Hospitalist  646-591-1517Beeper 516-632-3260 x366 
 Hospitalist Rounder7a-7p  Sezan, Rafael Hospitalist  718-790-8332Beeper 516-632-3260 x360 
 Hospitalist Rounder7a-7p  Lyon, AnthonyHospitalist  516-761-1668Beeper 516-632-3260 x487 
 Hospitalist Rounder7a-7p  Ahmed, Jamil Hospitalist  Cell: 516.637.5266...Cell: 323.365.4125 
 Hospitalist Rounder7a-7p  Khan, Muhammad, Hospitalist  646-270-7772Beeper 516-632-3260 x342 
 Hospitalist Rounder7a-7p  Lone, Anser Hospitalist  631-252-1282Beeper 516-632-3260 x312 
 Hospitalist Rounder7a-7p  Nazli, Anila Hospitalist  631-836-5575Beeper 516-632-3260 x064 
 Hospitalist Rounder7a-7p  Gorny, AlexanderHospitalist  347-277-5097Beeper 516-632-3260 x367 
 Hospitalist Evening7p-7a  Ahmad, Imtiaz Hospitalist  718-753-5261B 516-632-3260 x361 
 Hospitalist Evening7p-7a  Bernstein, David Hospitalist  516-984-0288Beeper 516-632-3260 x059 
 Hospitalist Oncall7a-8:30a  Baftjari, Evis Hospitalist  646-251-8633Beeper 516-632-3260 x357 
Hospitalist/Intensivists - MSQ LEAD PHYSICIAN7a-5p  DANIEL WUMD 626-780-0013Admin - Gwendolyn Martin 718-808-7699 
 IMCU HOSPITALIST7a-5p  NEEL PATELMD 914-355-0231Admin - Gwendolyn Martin 718-808-7699 
 2 EAST7a-5p  NORMAN RAFA NICOLMD 757-724-5032Admin - Gwendolyn Martin 718-808-7699 
 3 EAST7a-5p  IMAN MAKKIMD 917-256-9947Admin - Gwendolyn Martin 718-808-7699 
 3 WEST7a-5p  DANIEL WUMD 626-780-0013Admin - Gwendolyn Martin 718-808-7699 
 4 EAST7a-5p  ZAW NAINGMD 917-453-5637  
 ED DAY7a-7p  MICHELLE RIVERAMD 718-598-6282Admin - Gwendolyn Martin 718-808-7699 
 ED NIGHT7p-7a  RANBIR SINGHMD 516-618-6708Admin - Gwendolyn Martin 718-808-7699 
Hospitalists / ADS Medicine NP - MSH BLOCK12a-12a  9ABLOCK   
 DAY Lead Hospitalist8a-5p  M. VijayaraghavanLead Hospitalist7217 tel7217 
 NIGHT Lead Hospitalist5p-8a  S. AndalibiLead Hospitalist7217 tel7217 
 ADS Overnight Admission Pager5p-8a  Admissions PagerCommon Pager3989 tel  3989 
 Inpatient POMA 24-hour Pager12a-12a  POMACommon Pager7662 tel7662 
ED Throughput/Transfer Provider
 MSH-PA - Transfer8:30a-8:30p  Quinones, Z.ED ThroughputCall Only929-658-9026 
High Census ADS NP crossover
 High Census Cross Cover7p-7a  Andalibi, SassanHospitalist5156  
Weekend Daytime Coverage
 Teaching Red8a-6p  Baek, Seunghyup (Michael)Hospitalist0077  
 Teaching Orange8a-6p  Boursiquot, RooseveltHospitalist0016  
 Teaching Yellow8a-6p  Goyal, SuhaniHospitalist214-449-7799      
 Teaching Green8a-6p  Bosukonda, AshishHospitalist8423  
 Teaching Blue8a-6p  Vijayaraghavan, MahimaHospitalist0794  
 Teaching Violet8a-6p  Wappi, ArsalanHospitalist1208  
 Teaching Indigo8a-6p  Puri, NeilHospitalist0008  
Co-Management Services
 Vascular Co-Management8a-6p  Asuen, ImuetinyanHospitalist0406    
 Oncology Co-Management + Consults8a-6p  Barna, EricHospitalist9026  
ADS Services
 Hi-Acuity + ADS8a-6p  Yoo, ElizabethHospitalist1968  
Heme Malignancy Service
 Chief Team + Heme Malignancy + ADS8a-6p  Rao, AartiChief Resident929-452-1666      
RETU Service
 RETU8a-6p  Yeo, JonathanHospitalist5030  
 ADS8a-6p  Reyna, MariaHospitalist7587    
ADS Medicine Daytime Weekend NP's
 NP- ADS7a-7a  Bautro, EsterNP6448  
 NP- ADS7a-7a  Jennings, VenaNP0033  
 NP- ADS7a-7a  Marshall, ChristineNP6703  
 NP- ADS7a-7a  Rizzo, ElizabethHPPC/NP646-531-0081      
 NP- ADS7a-7a  Royal, DorianNP5720  
Weekend MAPA PA's
 Daytime MAPA7a-7p  Ali, FatumaPA347-514-1778      
 Nighttime MAPA7p-7a  Malagad, ShainaPA646-874-2501      
Weekend Hi-Acuity PA's
 Daytime Hi-Acuity 17a-7p  Moon, InnkyuPA646-284-5765      
 Nighttime Hi-Acuity7p-7a  Zainoullina, DariaHospitalist4548  
Weekend Step-Down Unit Role
 9W APP8a-8p  Gronowitz, MitchellResident332-237-9587      
Night Weekend Hospitalists
 Admission - ADS Weekend12p-12a  Gebregiorgis, MetiHospitalist3740  
 Admission - ADS Weekend5p-3a  Andalibi, SassanHospitalist5156  
 Admission - ADS Weekend6:30p-6:30a  Salhab, AladinHospitalist2735  
 Admission - ADS Weekend8p-8a  Gebregiorgis, MetiHospitalist3740  
 Admission - ADS Weekend10p-8a  Zainoullina, DariaHospitalist4548  
 Admission - ADS Weekend10p-8:30a  Salhab, AladinHospitalist2735  
ADS Medicine Cross Cover -- GP/ED
 NP - ADS7p-7a  Garcia-Ona, LeilaNP9347  
 NP - ADS7p-7a  Walker, MaryannNP7188  
ADS Medicine Cross Cover -- KCC /KP
 Night PA7p-7a  Jean, YvesPA646-618-0432      
Sick Call
 Weekend Sick Call8a-6p  Bradford, ChristopherHospitalist0527  
Weekend Case Manager
 Case Management - MSH9a-4p  Boahene, JuliaSenior Case Manager917-580-0674  
Weekend Social Work
 Group Epic Chat9a-5p  Social Work - MSH     
 Group Epic Chat9a-5p  Social Work - MSH     
 Group Epic Chat9a-5p  Social Work - MSH     
 Group Epic Chat9a-5p  Social Work - MSH     
 Group Epic Chat9a-5p  Social Work - MSH     
Hospitalization at Home To refer patient for HaH evaluation M-F, please send epic chat to group "HaH Referral" or email to "HaHReferral@mssm.edu
 MSaH Clinician 1 patient rounding8a-8:30a  Cameron Hernandez
Hospitalist 646-942-1215  
ICARE - MSBI ICARE Primary9a-5p  Wendy EganMD, RN, SW, ADMIN 917-842-8487  
 ICARE Back Up5p-12a  Chris BernerMD, RN, SW, ADMIN 347-504-3193  
Infectious Disease - MSBI Weekends8a-6p  Humphreys, Sarah Attending 917-679-2752    
 MSBI ID Consult Fellow 9a-5p8a-6p  Contact AttendingID-PGY6 Contact Attending...    
 MSBI Fellow Night Call 5p-9a5p-9a  Baig, MariaID-PGY4 146-203-44095 Digit pager: 34409 
Infectious Disease - MSSL and MSW General ID Consults: Non-urgent consults must be called in before 2pm. Fellows are in clinic and academic halfday every Tuesday.
 MSW ID Consult Fellow9a-5p  Rivera Boadla, LauraID-PGY5 146-203-42845 Digit pager: 34284 
 MSW ID Consult Attending9a-5p  STAVROPOULOS, CHRISTINEMD 39112    
General ID Consults: Non-urgent consults must be called in before 2pm. Fellows are in clinic and academic halfday every Tuesday.
 MSM ID Consult Fellow9a-5p  Baig, MariaID-PGY4 146-203-44095 Digit pager: 34409 
 MSM ID Consult Attending9a-5p  STAVROPOULOS, CHRISTINEMD 39112    
General ID Consults: Non-urgent consults must be called in before 2pm. Fellows are in clinic and academic halfday every Tuesday.
 MSBI ID Consult Fellow9a-5p  Contact AttendingID-PGY6 Contact Attending...    
MSM & MSW Infection Prevention Daytime & Nights
 MSM & MSW Infection Prevention Attending Nighs8a-8a  WOODS, KRYSTINAMD 31093    
Fellow's Home Call: Overnight approvals (5pm-9am) only required for highly restricted antimicrobials
 MSM ID Consults5p-9a  Baig, MariaID-PGY4 146-203-44095 Digit pager: 34409 
 MSW ID Consults5p-9a  Rivera Boadla, LauraID-PGY5 146-203-42845 Digit pager: 34284 
 MSBI ID Consults5p-9a  Baig, MariaID-PGY4 146-203-44095 Digit pager: 34409 
Infectious Diseases - MSH MSH ID On-Call (Home Call) for urgent issues overnight
 ID Overnight Pager (Home Call) 5p-8a  Rustin ZomorodiFellow 146-209-04184 digit pager: 0418 
HIV (Silver) -
  ID Fellow Weekend 6a-6a  Rustin ZomorodiFellow 146-209-04184 digit pager: 0418 
 General ID Weekend Attending 7a-7a  Gopalsamy, Nithin Attending 146-209-06454 digit pager: 0645 
 Transplant Weekend Attending 6a-6a  Dunn, DallasAttending 146-209-83824 digit pager: 8382 
ID Approvals Overnight approvals (5pm-9am) only required for highly restricted antimicrobials
 ID Approval Service 8a-8a  Approval Pager-(Cannot receive text pages)Service Pager Pager 9407Pager 9407 
Infection Prevention
 Infection Prevention On-Call (Home Call) 9a-9a  IP Administrator On-callAttending 212-659-9451    
Institute for Critical Care Medicine - MSH Rapid Response Team/ Central Intensivist
 RRT Attending Day 7a-7p  Suleiman, HassanMD 347-838-0240  
 RRT Attending Night 7p-7a  Sharma, AniketMD 909-967-4872  
Night Intensivist Coverage Service (NICS)
 NICS Attending A7p-7a  Ronquillo, MariaMD 646-229-4398  
Cardic ICUs
 GP 5C CTICU Attending Day7a-7p  Oloomi, MehdiMD 718-514-5331  
 GP 5E CSU2 Attending Day7a-7p  Gross, CarolineMD 315-391-8006  
 GP 5E-5C Attending Night7p-7a  Zafirova, ZdravkaMD 646-581-6843    
 CICU Attending7a-7p  Leibner, Evan MD 646-618-5082  
 MSH NSICU 1 Attending7a-7a  Neha Dangayach Attending 774-823-8056    
 SICU Attending7a-7p  Wang, JenniferMD 646-438-5476  
 TICU Attending7a-7p  Gupta, RohitMD 607-379-9478  
 CVAS Attending8a-6p  Wang, JenniferMD 646-438-5476  
 MICU Attending7a-7p  Lee, YoungMD 949-648-1396    
 VAS8a-6p  VAS Weekend NumberTeams 646-689-3683  
 DART12a-12a  DARTMD 146-209-3278  emergent please call 47000 
 Delirium Program Attending8a-6p  Friedman, Joseph (Weekend - Urgent Calls Only)Programs  917-579-1977    
 PE Consults Night7p-7a  Night FellowNight Fellow p3988, page...    
Internal Medicine Residency - MSBI MICU Schedule
 MICU Resident Long7a-7:30p  Harada, KoPGY 313539    
 MICU Resident Short7a-5p  Alvarado-Valadez, Jaqueline PGY 3   
 MICU Resident NF7p-9a  Rosen, ElisabethPGY 3  
 MICU Resident Off7a-7a  Harada, KoPGY 313539    
 MSM MICU Res6:30a-1p  Tsutsui, ErikaPGY 3  
 ICU Intern Long N7a-7:30p  Han, JosephPGY 1  
 ICU Intern Long S7a-7:30p  Cai, XiaoyuPGY 1  
 ICU Intern NF S7p-9a  Paredes de la Fuente, RodrigoPGY 1  
 ICU INtern NF N7p-9a  Family Med 1PGY 1   
 ICU Intern Off7a-7p  Cheung, JackyPGY 1  
 ICU Intern Off7a-7p  Family Med 1PGY 1   
Night Float
 NF Resident Team 1-28p-7a  Wallach, WilliamPGY 2  
 NF Intern Team 1-28p-7a  Akselrad, MelissaPGY 1   
 NF Resident Team 5-6-RRT8p-7a  Bonano Carambot, AmandaPGY 3  
 NF Intern Team 5-6-RRT8p-7a  Kim, AngelaPGY 1  
 NF Resident MSW Burgundy8p-7a  Bava, HannahPGY 2  
 NF Res MSM Sapphire8p-7a  Horiuchi, KoheiPGY 2  
 NF Int MSM Sapphire8p-7a  Vaca, RichardPGY 1  
Internal Medicine Residency - MSSL and MSW MSM Medicine Consult (Medicine Consults and POMA)
 MSM Medicine Consult Resident (Consults and POMAs)8a-5p  Moras, ErrolPGY3 33866  
 MSM Medicine Consult Resident (Consults and POMAs)5p-8p  Ani, JoodPGY2 33988    
 MSM Medicine Consult Resident (Consults and POMAs)8p-8a  Herrera, RaylingPGY2 33954    
MSM Critical Care Consult (Please page 31336)
 MSM AC Day (Critical Care consult) 8a-8p  McMurray, EvanPGY3 33757  
 MSM AC Night (Critical Care consult) 8p-8a  Aoun, Marie LouisePGY3 33848  
MSW Medicine Consult (Medicine Consults and POMA)
 MSW Medicine Consult Resident (Consults and POMA)8a-5p  Czaniecki, TylerPGY3 33875  
 MSW Medicine Consult Resident (Consults and POMA)5p-8p  Goodfarb, JustinPGY2 34292    
 MSW Medicine Consult Resident (Consults and POMA) WARP8p-8a  Shah, PriyaPGY2 33978    
MSW Critical Care Consult (Please page 37777)
 MSW AC Day (Critical care consult)  WARP8a-8p  Zibara, VictorPGY3 33869  
 MSW AC Night (Critical care consult)  WARP8p-8a  Chernyk, AdrianPGY3 33868  
 MSM START8a-6p  Sewani, FarazPGY1 34493    
 MSW START8a-6p  Karim, MariaPGY1 146-203-4486  
MSM Night Admitting Residents
 MSM Night Admitting Resident 18p-8a  Oxman, JonathanPGY3 33891  
 MSM Night Admitting Resident 28p-8a  Baer, MatthewPGY2 34302    
 MSM Night Admitting Resident 38p-8a  Mueller, AnnaPGY2 34303    
 MSM Night Admitting Resident 48p-8a  Horiuchi, KoheiPGY2 13609    
 MSM Night Admitting Resident 1 WARP WARP8p-7a  Herrera, RaylingPGY2 33954    
 MSM Night Admitting Resident 2 WARP WARP8p-7a  Zafar, AhmunPGY2 34223    
 MSM Night Admitting Resident 3 WARP WARP8p-7a  Gupta, SoumyaPGY2 34298    
MSW Night Admitting Residents
 MSW Night Admitting Resident 1 Covering WK (JE)8p-8a  Balayla Rosemberg, GalitPGY3 33842  
 MSW Night Admitting Resident 28p-8a  Grimaldo Ochoa, JoelPGY2 33952    
 MSW Night Admitting Resident 38p-8a  Bava, HannahPGY2 13564    
 MSW Night Admitting Resident 1 WARP WARP8p-7a  Shah, PriyaPGY2 33978    
 MSW Night Admitting Resident 2 WARP WARP8p-7a  Gattazzo, StefanoPGY2 34295    
MSW 9A1 Teaching Team (Silver Team)
 MSW 9A1 Medicine Resident (Holiday-Weekend)7a-2p  Marx, Jonas MaximilianPGY3 33867  
 MSW 9A1 Medicine Intern B (Holiday-Weekend)7a-2p  Thomas, JacobPGY1 146-203-4520  
 MSW 9A1 Medicine Resident on Call (Holiday-Weekend)2p-8p  Marx, Jonas MaximilianPGY3 33867  
 MSW 9A1 Medicine Resident Night Coverage WARP8p-7a  Shah, PriyaPGY2 33978    
 MSW 9A1 Medicine Intern Night Coverage WARP8p-7a  Abonamah, AdalPGY1 146-203-4448  
MSW 9A2 Teaching Team (Gold Team)
 MSW 9A2 Medicine Resident (Holiday-Weekend)7a-2p  Czaniecki, TylerPGY3 33875  
 MSW 9A2 Medicine Intern B (Holiday-Weekend)7a-2p  Montavo, RalphPGY1    
 MSW 9A2 Medicine Resident on Call (Holiday-Weekend)2p-8p  Marx, Jonas MaximilianPGY3 33867  
 MSW 9A2 Medicine Intern on Call (Holiday-Weekend)2p-8p  Montavo, RalphPGY1    
 MSW 9A2 Medicine Resident Night Coverage8p-7a  Shah, PriyaPGY2 33978    
 MSW 9A2 Medicine Intern Night Coverage8p-7a  Abonamah, AdalPGY1 146-203-4448  
MSW 14MS Teaching Team (Orange Team)
 MSW 14MS Medicine Resident (Holiday-Weekend)7a-2p  Goodfarb, JustinPGY2 34292    
 MSW 14MS Medicine Intern A (Holiday-Weekend)7a-2p  Dhaliwal, Arshdeep (PC)PGY1 146-203-4474  
 MSW 14MS Medicine Resident on Call (Holiday-Weekend)2p-8p  Goodfarb, JustinPGY2 34292    
 MSW 14MS Medicine Resident Night Coverage WARP8p-7a  Gattazzo, StefanoPGY2 34295    
 MSW 14MS Medicine Intern Night Coverage WARP8p-7a  Fasciglione, KimberlyPGY1 146-203-4477  
MSW 10B Telemetry Teaching Team (Purple Team)
 MSW 10B Medicine Resident (Holiday-Weekend)7a-2p  Debnath, NehaPGY3 33833  
 MSW 10B Medicine Intern B (Holiday-Weekend)7a-2p  Klein, EmmaPGY1 146-203-4493  
 MSW 10B Medicine Resident on Call (Holiday-Weekend)2p-8p  Goodfarb, JustinPGY2 34292    
 MSW 10B Medicine Intern on Call (Holiday-Weekend)2p-8p  Klein, EmmaPGY1 146-203-4493  
 MSW 10B Medicine Resident Night Coverage8p-7a  Gattazzo, StefanoPGY2 34295    
 MSW 10B Medicine Intern Night Coverage8p-7a  Fasciglione, KimberlyPGY1 146-203-4477  
MSW Burgundy Team
 MSW Burgundy Day Resident A7a-2p  Villarroel, CarolinaPGY3 13516    
 MSW Burgundy Day Intern B7a-2p  Dixon, PaigePGY1 13724    
 MSW Burgundy Long Resident2p-8p  Villarroel, CarolinaPGY3 13516    
 MSW Burgundy Long Intern2p-8p  Dixon, PaigePGY1 13724    
 MSW NF Burgundy8p-7a  Bava, HannahPGY2 13564    
MSM 6W Teaching Team (White Team)
 MSM 6W Medicine Resident (Holiday-Weekend) Covering AE as PF (JB)7a-2p  Cuan, KatherinePGY3 33882  
 MSM 6W Medicine Intern A (Holiday-Weekend)7a-2p  Retsky, RachelPGY1 13758    
 MSM 6W Medicine Resident on Call (Holiday-Weekend)2p-8p  Ani, JoodPGY2 33988    
 MSM 6W Resident Night coverage8p-7a  Herrera, RaylingPGY2 33954    
 MSM 6W Intern Night Coverage WARP8p-7a  Lim, JessicaPGY1 146-203-4498  
MSM 7W Teaching Team (Yellow Team)
 MSM 7W Medicine Resident (Holiday-Weekend)7a-2p  Sadek, NorahPGY2 33990    
 MSM 7W Medicine Intern A (Holiday-Weekend)7a-2p  Shmukler, JenniferPGY1    
 MSM 7W Medicine Resident on Call (Holiday-Weekend)2p-8p  Sadek, NorahPGY2 33990    
 MSM 7W Teaching Resident Night coverage8p-7a  Herrera, RaylingPGY2 33954    
 MSM 7W Teaching Intern Night coverage8p-7a  Lim, JessicaPGY1 146-203-4498  
MSM 9E Telemetry Teaching Team (Green Team)
 MSM 9E Medicine Resident (Holiday-Weekend)7a-2p  Grewal, SatwantPGY3 33893  
 MSM 9E Medicine Intern B (Holiday-Weekend)7a-2p  Viera Ramirez, FernandoPGY1 13769    
 MSM 9E Medicine Resident on Call (Holiday-Weekend)2p-8p  Grewal, SatwantPGY3 33893  
 MSM 9E Medicine Resident Night Coverage8p-7a  Zafar, AhmunPGY2 34223    
 MSM 9E Medicine Intern Night Coverage WARP8p-7a  Kim, Do HanPGY1 146-203-4492  
MSM 10E (Team C - Red)
 MSM 10E (Team C) Resident (Holiday-Weekend)7a-2p  Moras, ErrolPGY3 33866  
 MSM 10E (Team C) Intern B (Holiday-Weekend)7a-2p  Berman, BrandonPGY1 146-203-4463  
 MSM 10E (Team C) Resident On Call (Holiday-Weekend)2p-8p  Grewal, SatwantPGY3 33893  
 MSM 10E (Team C) Intern On Call (Holiday-Weekend)2p-8p  Berman, BrandonPGY1 146-203-4463  
 MSM 10E (Team C) Resident Night Coverage8p-7a  Gupta, SoumyaPGY2 34298    
 MSM 10E (Team C) Intern Night Coverage WARP8p-7a  Guyot, JacquesPGY1    
MSM Pink Teaching Team (Non geographic-Covers 8E/8W Medicine patients)
 MSM 8E-8W (Pink Team) Resident (Holiday-Weekend)7a-2p  Ani, JoodPGY2 33988    
 MSM 8E-8W (Pink Team) Intern (Holiday-Weekend)7a-2p  Cheng, JuliaPGY1 146-203-4466  
 MSM 8E-8W (Pink Team) Resident On Call (Holiday-Wee...2p-8p  Ani, JoodPGY2 33988    
 MSM 8E-8W (Pink Team) Intern On Call (Holiday-Weeke...2p-8p  Cheng, JuliaPGY1 146-203-4466  
 MSM 8E-8W (Pink Team) Resident Night8p-7a  Zafar, AhmunPGY2 34223    
 MSM 8E-8W (Pink Team) Night Intern8p-7a  Kim, Do HanPGY1 146-203-4492  
MSM 9W (Geriatrics Team) Teaching Team
 MSM 9W (Geriatrics Team) Resident (Holiday-Weekend)7a-2p  Cuan, KatherinePGY3 33882  
 MSM 9W (Geriatrics Team) Intern A (Holiday-Weekend)7a-2p  Chompoo, JaydeePGY1    
 MSM 9W (Geriatrics Team) Resident On Call (Holiday-...2p-8p  Sadek, NorahPGY2 33990    
 MSM 9W (Geriatrics Team) Intern On Call (Holiday-We...2p-8p  Chompoo, JaydeePGY1    
 MSM 9W (Geriatrics Team) Resident Night Coverage8p-7a  Gupta, SoumyaPGY2 34298    
 MSM 9W (Geriatrics Team) Intern Night Coverage8p-7a  Guyot, JacquesPGY1    
MSM Sapphire Team
 MSM Sapphire Resident A7a-2p  Kumar, ShasawatPGY2 13603    
 MSM Sapphire Intern B7a-2p  Choi, SeongheePGY1 13719    
 MSM Sapphire Long Resident2p-8p  Kumar, ShasawatPGY2 13603    
 MSM Sapphire Long Intern2p-8p  Choi, SeongheePGY1 13719    
 MSM Sapphire NF Resident8p-7a  Horiuchi, KoheiPGY2 13609    
 MSM Sapphire NF Intern Covering RV (JE)8p-7a  O'Ferrall, CarolinePGY1 13751    
 MSM CCU Resident Call7a-9p  Sandhu, RobinderpalPGY2 33986    
 MSM CCU Intern Call7a-9p  Fusillo, ThomasPGY1 146-203-4481  
 MSM CCU Resident Day7a-5p  Sheikh, HammadPGY2 33994    
 MSM CCU Intern Day7a-5p  Grosrenaud, Paul HenryPGY1    
 MSM CCU Resident Night9p-7a  Marushchak, OlgaPGY2 33969  
 MSM CCU Intern Night9p-7a  Diola, CarlosPGY1 146-203-4475  
 MSW CICU Resident Call7a-9p  Ugur, ElifPGY2    
 MSW CICU Intern Call7a-9p  Jain, ShonaPGY1    
 MSW CICU Resident Day7a-5p  Suyama, DylanPGY2 33953    
 MSW CICU Intern Day7a-5p  Singh, GurinderPGY1 146-203-4518  
 MSW CICU Resident Night9p-8a  Wilkoff, MarniPGY2 33979    
 MSW CICU Intern Night9p-8a  Rashid, FahmidaPGY1 146-203-4511  
 MSM MICU Resident Call7a-9p  Nedley, NataliePGY2 33996    
 MSM MICU Intern Call7a-9p  Samuel, BenjaminPGY1 146-203-4512  
 MSM MICU Resident Day7a-5p  Ng, YunfaiPGY3 33750  
 MSM MICU Intern Day7a-5p  Wu, DannyPGY1    
 MSM MICU Resident Night9p-7a  Gandhi, SonalPGY3 33865  
 MSM MICU Intern Night9p-7a  Arcayan, Brent (PC)PGY1 146-203-4458  
Holiday and Weekend Coverage Pool (24-hour Coverage)
 Holiday and Weekend Coverage Pool6a-6a  Khan, ZaraPGY1 146-203-4491  
 Holiday and Weekend Coverage Pool6a-6a  Deb, MrittikaPGY1 146-203-4472  
 Holiday and Weekend Coverage Pool6a-6a  Cho, Changwoong (PC)PGY1 146-203-4467  
 Holiday and Weekend Coverage Pool6a-6a  Wu, StephaniePGY1    
 Holiday and Weekend Coverage Pool6a-6a  Lutgen, SophiaPGY2 34300    
 Holiday and Weekend Coverage Pool6a-6a  Miao, JiaxiPGY2 34294    
 Holiday and Weekend Coverage Pool6a-6a  Gandhi, KrutiPGY3 33872  
 Holiday and Weekend Coverage Pool6a-6a  Sadud Armaza, SharelPGY3 33837  
 Holiday and Weekend Coverage Pool6a-6a  Karpenos, JosephPGY3 33883  
 Holiday and Weekend Coverage Pool6a-6a  Maraveyas, AlexanderPGY3 33841  
 Holiday and Weekend Coverage Pool6a-6a  Belfaqeeh, OmarPGY3 33863  
 Holiday and Weekend Coverage Pool6a-6a  Semaan, RosaPGY1 34464    
Medicine Chief Resident On-Call (Call for urgent issues; NO Texts will be received, for non urgent queries email medchiefs@mountsinai.org)
 Chief Resident On-Call12a-12a  Bahk, JeeyunePGY4 332-230-3982   
Internal Medicine Residents - MSSM  General Medicine: *Phone numbers for hospital personnel only. Cell phone icons denote cell phones not pagers (last 4 digits of phones are NOT pagers)
 Red A Late Resident7:30a-6:30p  Sohval, SophiePGY-3 347-638-3619  
 Red B Late Intern6:30a-6:30p  Babu, NicholasAnesth 480-338-8892  
 Orange A Late Resident7:30a-6:30p  Nussbaum, JeremyPGY-3 347-504-4648  
 Orange B Late Intern Covering HA6:30a-6:30p  Rubin-Norowitz, MarielNeuro 646-531-6013  
 Yellow A Late Resident7:30a-6:30p  Cangialosi, PeterPGY-3 332-999-3784  
 Yellow B Late Intern6:30a-6:30p  Espinal, JasminMedPeds 347-899-1607  
 Green A Late Resident7:30a-6:30p  Zhang, JoycePGY-3 929-452-1527  
 Green B Late Intern6:30a-6:30p  Mozawalla, FatimahPMR 646-581-7709  
 Blue A Late Resident7:30a-6:30p  D'Andrea, MeganPGY-3 929-452-1669  
 Blue B Late Intern6:30a-6:30p  Cirrone, GiannaAnesth 718-564-4970  
 Indigo A Late Resident7:30a-6:30p  Glamour, BenitaPGY-3 929-452-1709      
 Indigo B Late Intern6:30a-6:30p  Marx, GabrielNeuro 332-268-7228  
 Violet A Late Resident SCL7:30a-6:30p  Wharton, RobertPGY-3 347-882-1676  
 Violet B Late Intern6:30a-6:30p  Levy, StellarPsych 305-394-1756  
 Violet B Late Intern 26:30a-6:30p  Kolodka, OliviaMSBI PGY-1 973-747-4181  
 Chief Team A&B Weekend Resident7:15a-6:30p  Contento, MarissaPGY-2 917-227-9621  
Specialty Medicine: Silver Team
 Silver A Late Resident7:30a-6:30p  Kraus, AdamMedPeds 929-452-1493  
 Silver B Late Intern6:30a-6:30p  Kayani, JehanzebPGY-1 332-215-2813  
Specialty Medicine: Liver Team
 Liver A Late Resident7:30a-6:30p  Odukwe, NonyeMedPeds 929-452-1814  
 Liver B Late Intern6:30a-6:30p  Johnson, JamesPGY-1 646-265-0711  
Specialty Medicine: Cardiology Team
 Cardiology A Late Resident7:30a-6:30p  Kapoor, ArjunPGY-2 929-452-1691  
 Cardiology B Late Intern 16:30a-6:30p  Naraparaju, AnkitaPGY-1 929-452-1674  
Specialty Medicine: Oncology Team
 Oncology A Late Resident7:30a-6:30p  Yang, AngelaPGY-2 917-227-9593  
 Oncology B Late Intern 16:30a-6:30p  Bibireddy, AshishPGY-1 929-452-1546  
General Medicine Night Medicine Coverage
 Red Night Intern6:30p-7:30a  Kahlon, SundeepAnesth 570-290-2023  
 Orange Night Intern6:30p-7:30a  Howard, RebeccaPMR 646-430-1114  
 Yellow Night Intern6:30p-7:30a  Hyslip, JeremiahNeuro 929-452-1574  
 Green Night Intern6:30p-7:30a  Mayer, Jessica (Yael) PGY-1 332-271-7924  
 Blue Night Intern6:30p-7:30a  Truong, LaurenAnesth 713-540-6151  
 Indigo Night Intern6:30p-7:30a  Finard, BenjaminPGY-1 914-806-7792  
 Violet Night Intern6:30p-7:30a  Gao, MichaelPGY-1 646-898-7469  
 Chief Team Night Intern6:30p-7:30a  Hanlon, ThomasPGY-1 347-504-2971  
Cardiology, Oncology, Liver, Silver Medicine Night Coverage
 Liver Night Intern6:30p-7:30a  Anand, AshaPGY-1 332-215-3006  
 Silver Night Intern6:30p-7:30a  Kattapuram, MeeraPGY-1 332-215-2994  
 Oncology Night Intern6:30p-7:30a  Spyrou, NikolaosPGY-1 347-899-6236  
 Cardiology Night Intern6:30p-7:30a  Dashevsky, JaredPGY-1 929-452-1494  
Senior Role
 Day MCR7:30a-7:30p  Mui, BrandonPGY-3 732-614-1486  
 Night MCR7:30p-7:30a  Lieto, StephenPGY-3 201-248-4947      
 Night TR-A6:30p-7:30a  Schmidt, NataliaPGY-3 332-215-3011  
 Night TR-B6:30p-7:30a  Balac, NinaPGY-3 347-843-5321  
 Day VA Senior7a-6:30p  Darwish, ChristinaPGY-3 929-452-1488      
 Night VA Senior6:30p-7a  Treacy, TaylorPGY-3 929-452-1765  
 EHC B6 Night Senior covering GA, swap with NS 7p-7:30a  Frousios, RitsaPGY-3 917-502-5187      
Medical Intensive Care Unit (MICU)
 MICU Long-Call Resident7a-7p  Chhaya, RichaPGY-2 929-452-1684  
 MICU Day-Call Resident7a-5p  Premjee, AkiffPGY-2 929-452-1768  
 MICU Night Resident7p-10:30a  Plick, NataliePGY-2 929-452-1439  
 MICU Long-Call Intern6:30a-7p  Tran, TamNeuro 646-618-2495  
 MICU Day-Call Intern6:30a-5p  Baldwin, ElenaPGY-1 929-452-1504  
 MICU Night Intern7p-10a  Kona, NiathiPGY-1 929-452-1678  
Cardiac Care Unit (CCU)
 CCU Long Call Resident7a-7p  Singh, NausheenPGY-2 929-452-1812  
 CCU Day Call Resident7a-5p  Aguirre, AlejandroPGY-2 760-464-3994  
 CCU Night Resident7p-10:30a  Godfrey, KatherinePGY-2 929-452-1714  
 CCU Long-Call Intern6:30a-7p  Thomas, MaryMedPeds 347-899-0144  
 CCU Day-Call Intern6:30a-5p  Dawson, OscarAnesth 908-577-1976  
 CCU Night Intern7p-10a  Alban, DanielPGY-1 347-913-2239  
 A4 B Late Intern7a-7p  Bogdan, NicolePGY-1 929-452-1526  
 A4 D Late Resident7:30a-7p  Mueller, DavidPGY-3 347-899-6241  
 A3 D Late Resident7:30a-7p  Vasquez, CladimarPGY-3 929-452-1031      
 B6 B Late Intern7a-7p  Crorkin, PatrickPGY-1 929-452-1497  
 B6 D Late Resident7:30a-7p  Harnett, LauraPGY-2 929-452-1393  
James J. Peters VA: General medicine floors teams. *Phone numbers for hospital personnel only. Cell phone icons denote cell phones not pagers (last 4 digits of phones are NOT pagers)
 BVA-A Late Resident7a-6:30p  Chadha, SakshumPGY-2 347-504-5665  
 BVA-B Late Intern7a-6:30p  Dugar, AnushreeNeuro 929-452-1656  
 BVA-C Late Resident7a-6:30p  Darwish, ChristinaPGY-3 929-452-1488      
 BVA-D Late Intern7a-6:30p  Neff, RyanPGY-1 917-227-9620  
 BVA-AB Night Intern6:30p-7a  Ganesan, VeenaPGY-1 929-452-1595  
 BVA-CD Night Intern6:30p-7a  Becker, ClairePMR 332-271-3915  
 BVA-ABCD Night Intern6:30p-7a  Otto, ArianaNeuro 929-452-1803  
 BVA-ICU Blue Long Call Resident7a-6:30p  Safian, NicholasPGY-2 929-452-1773  
 BVA-ICU Green Long Call Resident7a-6:30p  Bailey, LelanPGY-2 929-452-1739  
 BVA-ICU Night Resident6:30p-7a  Margolis, MelissaPGY-2 929-452-1608  
 BVA-ICU Night Intern6:30p-7a  Chen, AlyssaPGY-1 332-271-0589  
Sick Call
 PGY-1 Primary Sick Call post-call only6a-6a  Mahadevan, AnitaPGY-1 347-964-3613  
 PGY-1 Secondary Sick Call covering HA 6a-6a  Beesley, HassanPGY-1 347-882-2611  
 Jeopardy PGY2 A6a-6a  Rosenstein, AdamPGY-2 908-334-7912  
 Jeopardy PGY2 B6a-6a  Karol, AlexanderPGY-2 703-969-1385  
 Jeopardy PGY3 A6a-6a  Dharia, IshaanPGY-3 929-452-1402  
 Jeopardy PGY3 B6a-6a  Thapi, SahityasriPGY-3 347-913-2054  
 Resident Primary Sick Call swap with JF6a-6a  Wagner, NicolePGY-2 917-227-9617  
 Resident Secondary Sick Call6a-6a  Li, LawrencePGY-2 929-452-1201  
Chief Resident
 Internal Medicine Chief on Call8a-8a  Rudshteyn, MichelleChief 929-452-1522  
Interventional Radiology IR does NOT perform Lumbar Punctures at ANY SITE
FOR MSH Lumbar punctures please page Neuroradiology at #3751, MSW - call 23-7058, MSSL - call 23-3799, MSBI please call 44-5740.

For NEURO-IR (IE Stroke, Hemorrhage) please call the Endovascular Fellows listed under the Neurosurgery Amion

 MSH Day Consult7a-6p  Clay BehlPGY-6 7237   
 MSW Day Consult7a-6p  Clay BehlPGY-6 36481   
 MSM Day Consult7a-6p  Clay BehlPGY-6 31118   
 MSBI Day Consult7a-6p  Clay BehlPGY-6 13215   
IR does NOT perform LP's at ANY SITE
(IE Stroke, Hemorrhage) please For NEURO-IR (IE Stroke, Hemorrhage) please call the Endovascular Fellows listed under the Neurosurgery Amion

 (Home Call) MSH and MSQ after hours and weekend EME...6p-7a  Clay BehlPGY-6 7237   
 (Home Call) MSM after hours and weekend EMERGENCY c...6p-7a  Clay BehlPGY-6 31118   
 (Home Call) MSBI after hours and weekend EMERGENCY ...6p-7a  Clay BehlPGY-6 13215   
 (Home Call) MSW after hours and weekend EMERGENCY c...6p-7a  Clay BehlPGY-6 36481   
BACKUP Attending On Call ALL SITES
 Backup On Call Attending ALL SITES8a-8a  Scott NowakowskiAttending 917-743-5737 tel917-743-5737 
 Backup On Call Resident (ALL SITES)6p-6a  Tim CarlonPGY-6    
Liver Disease Teleconsults MSW Liver Disease Teleconsults MSW9a-4p  Augusto Villanueva MD  929-261-3721  
Liver Diseases - MSH Post Transplant PA-NP (Frontline Provider)7a-7a  Post Tx PAPA/NP 646-599-21654  Digit Pager:5613 
 On Call Fellow7a-7a  Francheville, JordanFellow 929-286-0293  4 Digit Pager:8050 
 On Call Attending7a-7a  Schiano, ThomasAttending 347-306-4604  
Lung Transplant Lung Transplant Surgeon On Call8a-8a  Daniel LaskeyMD 929-343-2160  
 Lung Transplant Pulmonologist On Call8a-8a  Harish SeethamrajuMD 281-733-7746  
 Thoracic Surgery PA On Call8a-8a  Thoracic Surgery PA On CallPA 646-660-5773  
 Lung Transplant Coordinator On Call8a-8a  Pamela PhilippsbornNP 646-354-9481  
Contact the Lung Transplant Medical or Surgical Directors with any questions or concerns
 Lung Transplant Medical Director8a-8a  Harish SeethamrajuMD 281-733-7746  
 Lung Transplant Surgical Director8a-8a  Scott ScheininMD 713-628-8185  
Medicine-In House - MSQ 2 EAST DAY7a-7p  IVANA SUPA 917-346-8338718-570-2554 
 3 EAST DAY7a-7p  BINDUPA 718-570-3820    917-487-2279@mobilecomm.net 
 3 WEST DAY7a-7p  DMITRIY YUSUPOVPA 146-207-0186917-442-2848 
 4 WEST DAY7a-7p  HEMANGI PATELPA 347-628-7449  
 ED DAY PA7a-7p  ASIF CHOWDHURYPA 646-691-0911    
 2 EAST- 3 WEST7p-7a  AMANI CHOUDHURYPA 516-737-5371      
 3 EAST- 4 WEST7p-7a  QUENTZ ALEXISPA 516-451-1007  
 NIGHT ED PA7p-7a  MUNAF ALMOADHENMD 323-640-1252  
 NIGHT ICU PA7p-7a  MIN HUANGPA 718-570-37019174870182@mobilecomm.net 
 ICU DAY PA7a-7p  DIPALI SHAHPA 201-820-71370027 
Mount Sinai South Nassau MSSN NICU Consult
 MSSN NICU Consult Evening5p-8a  Sarabjit PhokelaMD  516-640-2304Home: 516-708-9874 
 Gastroenterology Oncall Fellow5p-8a  Muhddesa Lakhana, DOFellow Mobile Heart...516-632-4966 8a-5p,After5p Answer Service516-992-5626 
 Gastroenterology 2nd Call, 1st Call Fellow8a-8a  Peter ShueMD  GI Service...Office (516) 992-5256 & After 5pm  
Critical Care
 Critical Care Medical Intensivist (MICU) Day7a-7p  Yohannes MelakuMD  516-632-4825Cell (814) 254-8728 
 Critical Care Surgical Intensivist (SICU) Day7a-7p  James MaurerMD  Trauma 516-632-3260...Critical Care Attending 516-632-4825  
 Critical Care MICU & SICU Night7p-7a  Frank ColettaMD  516-632-4825(516)524-9229 Cell  
Hospitalists Department
 Hospitalist Day Admitter8:30a-7p  Islam, Mehrab Hospitalist  917-495-7722Beeper 516-632-3260 x379 
 Hospitalist Day Rounders7a-7p  Lyon, AnthonyHospitalist  516-761-1668Beeper 516-632-3260 x487 
 Hospitalist Day Rounders7a-7p  Khan, Muhammad, Hospitalist  646-270-7772Beeper 516-632-3260 x342 
 Hospitalist Day Rounders7a-7p  Nazli, Anila Hospitalist  631-836-5575Beeper 516-632-3260 x064 
 Hospitalist Day Rounders7a-7p  Lone, Anser Hospitalist  631-252-1282Beeper 516-632-3260 x312 
 Hospitalist Day Rounders7a-7p  Rehman, Naeem Hospitalist  646-591-1517Beeper 516-632-3260 x366 
 Hospitalist Evening7p-7a  Bernstein, David Hospitalist  516-984-0288Beeper 516-632-3260 x059 
 Hospitalist Evening7p-7a  Ahmad, Imtiaz Hospitalist  718-753-5261B 516-632-3260 x361 
 Hospitalist On call7a-8:30a  Baftjari, Evis Hospitalist  646-251-8633Beeper 516-632-3260 x357 
 ED & TelePsychiatry Sunday10a-10p  Marcel MayasMD  516-697-8166516-763-7111 
 MSSN Tele-Psych Weeknight 4p-8p (MSM) Starting Feb.4p-8p  Melvinray GilbertAttending 917-921-0865  
 MSSN Tele-Psych Weeknight 8p-10p (MSM) Starting Feb.8p-10p  Gregory MalzbergAttending 908-303-7974  
 Bariatrics9a-9a  Anish Shah MD  516-616-5500  
 Trauma Day Weekend & Holidays7a-7p  Florian RaduMD  516-632-3260... Critical Care Attending -  516-632-4825 
 Trauma Night Weekend & Holidays7p-7a  Bianca RedheadMD  516-632-3260... Trauma 516-632-3260, Pager143 
 ENT7a-7a  Roger Horioglu MD  516-678-0303  
 Facial Trauma7a-7a  Joshua Wolf DDS 516-330-8462  
 Opthalmology Weekend Day7a-5p  Tamiesha. Frempong MD  203-645-9355  
 Opthalmology Weekend Evening5p-7a  Tamiesha. Frempong MD  203-645-9355  
 Neurosurgery7a-7a  Xavier GaudinMD  516-255-9031  
 Neurosurgery Trauma7a-5p  Ramin RakMD  516-255-9031  
 Neurosurgery Backup7a-7a  Ramin RakMD  516-255-9031  
 MSSN Neurosurgery PA7a-7a  MSSN Neurosurgery PAPA 516-989-3923516-632-3277 MHB ext 225150  
 Oral Surgery7a-7a  Joshua Wolf DDS 516-330-8462  
 Orthopedics Attending 2nd call7a-7a  Scott BarbashMD  516-681-8822  
 Orthopedics Back UP7a-7a  Stelios KoutsoumbelisMD  516-251-0861Office 516-681-8822 
 Plastic Surgery7a-7a  Joseph BatacMD  516-442-5950Cell (917) 860-5196 
 Podiatry Resident7a-7a  Podiatry Resident MD  516-632-3277...In House Beeper 516-632-3260 # 584 
 Podiatry Attending 2nd Call7a-7a  Lawrence Horl DPM 516-641-2372(516) 766-5550 Office  
 Spine7a-7a  Xavier GaudinMD  516-255-9031  
 Thoracic Surgery8a-8a  Thoracic Surgery MD  516-255-5010  
 Urology Weekend7a-7a  Michael GorinMD  631-628-5000Cell (305) 721-9515 
 Vascular7a-7a  Evan Kessler MD  516-374-8682  
 Surgery Resident OnCall Team A (SurgOnc, Bariatrics...5a-5a  Surg Resident Team AResident  516-632-3260...  
 Surgery Resident OnCall Team B (General Surgery)5a-5a  Surg Resident Team BResident  516-632-3260...  
 Surgery Resident OnCall Team Trauma 5a-5a  Surg Resident TraumaResident  516-632-3260...  
 Surgery Resident OnCall Team Vascular Thoracic 5a-5a  Surg Resident Vascular ThoracicResident  516-632-3260...  
Clinical Command Center
 Central Hospitalist8:30a-10p  Hui, JenniferAttending 646-262-9870  10135 
 Peds Neurology (TeleConsult) 1st Call9a-7p  Kevin GurcharranMD 917-771-2184  
 Peds Neurology (TeleConsult) 2nd Call6p-8a  Walter Molofsky MD 917-565-4372  
MSB On Call Hospitalist Service
 Hospital Service Attending -A8a-4p  Radfan Gazali
MDPager: 31959Cell: 347-200-8798 
 Hospital Service Attending -B8a-8p  Hershkop, EliyakimMD   
 Hospital Service Attending -C8a-4p  Abdulrahman Muzib
 Hospital Service Attending -D8a-4p  Nabeeh Hauter
 Cross Covering Hospitalist8a-8p  Levy David MD Pager:11351  Cell: 347-573-0269 
 Night Hospitalist-1, 2, 3 North8p-8a  Myint MoeMDPager: 10604  
 Night Hospitalist-2 West, 2, 3 East8p-8a  Aronson GarrettMD646-856-1786  
Hospitalist PAs
 Day PA Medicine 8a-4:30p8a-4:30p  Bleeman AyalaPA 12276  347-515-2774 
 Day PA Medicine 8a-8:30p8a-8:30p  Michael MonaghanPA929-656-0320  
 Night PA's Medicine8p-8a  Simran KaurPA Pager:  10649  
 Internal Medicine A8a-8a  Hospital Service AttendingMD   
 Internal Medicine B8a-8a  Hospital Service AttendingMD   
 Chemo - Onc8a-8a  Rambhia HitandraMD516-270-4028    
 Cardiology8a-8a  Valaine HewittMD917-576-5722  
 MSB Neurosurgery7a-7a  MSHS NeurosurgeryMDM-F 8am-6pm...Urgent/Emergent consults call transfer center.800-748-6445 
 Neurosurgery Transfer7a-7a  NeuroSurgery Resident TeamMD212-241-6467t-Transfer   800-748-6445 - FOR ALL NEUROSURGICAL TRANSFERS   
 ENT8a-8a  Huh SamMD646-630-2467  Service Line: 718-756-9025 
 Gastroenterology8a-8a  Guttmann StevenMD917-968-9851    
 Orthopedics8a-8a  Silver JonathanMD929-455-2000    
 Urology8a-8a  Osama ZaytounMD347-784-9723  
 Surgery (Purple & Gold Key Below)8a-8a  Gulmatico ConstantinoMD718-207-1449  Office: 718-258-4848 
 Vascular8a-8a  Baldwin MelissaMD813-293-1523  Office: 718-677-0109 
 Neurology8a-8a  Maniscalco TonyMD718-541-1168  Office: 718-2520940 
 Stroke Neurology (6a-6p)6a-6p  Maniscalco TonyMD718-541-1168  Office: 718-2520940 
 Stroke Neurology (6p-6a)6p-6a  Maniscalco TonyMD718-541-1168  Office: 718-2520940 
 Podiatry8a-8a  Aryeh SchulmanMD718-337-6345Cell: 718-510-4516 
 Anesthesia7a-7a  Biondolillo JosephMD386-290-7905  
Intensive Care Unit
 ICU MD Day 17a-7p  Sittol, RaniMD551-254-3241  
 ICU MD Night7p-7a  Atileh HaythamMDPager: 50085ICU Office: 718-951-2850 
 ICU PA's7a-7p  Kharal Alghanam PAPager:12279  
 ICU PA NIGHT7p-7a  Tsz Yan SooPA917-588-3237  
 Day House MD Surgery-Purple7a-7p  ResidentMDpager 50006  
 Day House MD Surgery-Gold7a-7p  ResidentMDpager 50006  
 Night House MD-Surgery7p-7a  Godoy WigbertMD Pager: 18131Cell: 973-919-1813 
 Surgical PA's -Purple7a-5p  Volpe Angelo
PAPager #: 18121Gold pager: 50552 
 Surgical PA's Gold7a-5p  Volpe Angelo
PAPager #: 18121Gold pager: 50552 
 INTERVENTIONAL RADIOLOGY7a-5p  MSH Consult FellowMSH Overnight IR Fellow212-241-1300ge 7237)  
 Radiology Residents - MSBI, MSSLW1p-9p  Mansour Mahamane
 Radiology Residents - MSBI, MSSLW7p-8a  Daniel Mogel
 Radiology Residents - MSBI, MSSLW7p-8a  Mudassir Mumtaz
 MSBI Overnight IR Fellow7p-7a  MSBI Consult FellowMSBI Overnight  IR FellowPager: 13215...Office: 212-420-2509 
 MSH Overnight IR Fellow7p-7a  MSH Consult FellowMSH Overnight IR Fellow212-241-1300ge 7237)  
 Thoracic Surgery8a-8a  Hakami-Kermani, ArdeshirMD929-237-8601Offcie: 718-377-7218 
Clinical Command Center
 Central Hospitalist8:30a-10p  Hui, JenniferAttending646-262-9870  10135 
Voluntary Physician Coverage
 Marco Albian8a-6p  Albian MarcoMD917-575-4341  Office: 718-257-4300 
 Maurice Alwaya8a-6p  Alwaya MauriceMD917-687-5585  Office:718-692-1872 
 Serge Balmir8a-6p  Balmir Serge MDOffice:718-338-2283...Cell: 516-298-4307 
 Zachary Brener8a-6p  Brener ZacharyMD646-541-6724  Urgent/Emergent consults call transfer center: 800-748-6445 
 Rose Marie Carrera8a-6p  Carrera Rose MarieMD917-304-1674  Trans. of Cardiogenic SHOCK Patients to MSH 1-833-MH-SHOCK 
 Daniel Charnoff8a-6p  Charnoff DanielMD516-840-2328  Office: 718-645-5000 
 Gerard Hanley8a-6p  Hanley GerardMD917-977-1584  Trans. of Cardiogenic SHOCK Patients to MSH 1-833-MH-SHOCK 
 Jack Husney8a-6p  Husney, JackMD917-727-1760  
 Ezra Israel8a-6p  Israel EzraMD646-733-8832Office: 718-377-2834 
 Jack Janani8a-6p  Janani Jack MD 347-541-1020    
 Tzvi Jonas8a-6p  Tzvi JonasMD   
 Sultan Khan8a-6p  Khan Sultan MD516-652-6795    
 Alex Natanzon8a-6p  Natanzon AlexMD917-533-0494  Trans. of Cardiogenic SHOCK Patients to MSH 1-833-MH-SHOCK 
 Aleksandr Orlovskiy8a-6p  Orlovskiy AleksandrMD917-279-4473Phone: 718-616-0500 
 Augusto Paiusco8a-6p  Paiusco AugustoMD718-998-2323...  Trans. of Cardiogenic SHOCK Patients to MSH 1-833-MH-SHOCK 
 Abhishek Pandey8a-6p  Pandey, AbhishekMD347-559-0133Cell: 718-809-8089 
 Eliezer Parnes8a-6p  Parnes Eliezer MDOffice: 718-338-...  Cell: 917-678-3088 
 Mohamed Rahman8a-6p  Rahman MohamedMD718-615-0162    
 Richard Yan8a-6p  Yan RichardMD646-725-7398  Office: 718-907-0198 
MSH OMFS Schedule OMFS 1st Call (15 and Over)7a-7a  Dental ResidentGPR1 1992  
 OMFS 2nd CALL7a-7a  Horani, SohaylaGPR2 503-720-2610  
 OMFS SENIOR-CHIEF Call7a-7a  Venkataraman, JeevaOMFS Residents 402-739-0381  
 PEDS DENTAL 1st CALL (Ages 14 and under)7a-7a  Jong, MadelainePED 3819  
 OMFS ATTENDING7a-7a  Lieberman, BennATTENDING 914-552-6487  
 PEDS DENTAL 2nd CALL (Ages 14 and under)7a-7a  Rao, ManishPED 315-941-0216  
 PEDS DENTAL Attending7a-7a  Moy, JudyATTENDING 617-548-5425  
MSQ On Call - MSQ Hematology Oncology7a-7a  HOWARD GREENBERGMD 347-545-2124  
 GI8a-8a  PRANAY SRIVASTAVAMD 917-232-4966  
 Orthopedic Pager # Day8a-6p  DAVID FORSHMD 917-517-0575  
 Orthopedic Surgery Night6p-8a  DAVID FORSHMD 917-517-0575  
 General Surgery (Consult 347 343 0735) 8a-8a  G TSIOULIASMD 917-561-7673    
 Gynecology Day7a-7p  Ceyda OnerMD 917-226-3884    
 Gynecology Night7p-7a  Ceyda OnerMD 917-226-3884    
 Vascular Surgery7a-5p  Justin GeorgeMD 210-314-8053  
 Vascular Surgery5p-7a  Justin GeorgeMD 210-314-8053  
 Plastic Surgery8a-6p  CALL MSHMD    
 Urology8a-8a  DivertMD    
 Hand Surgery8a-6p  CALL MSHMD    
 Bariatric Surgery7a-7a  EDWARDSMD 212-824-2350215-518-5968 - Admin - Marissa Santos - 718 - 808-7527 
 Anesthesia Weekend 8a-8a8a-8a  SHUMINOVMD 347-642-2855  
Peri-op weekends
 Peri-op RN Day- Weekend7a-7p  Razocima CahanapRN 347-580-2052201-745-1862 
Peri-op weekends
 Peri-op CST Day- Weekend7a-7p  Michael WallaceCST 914-912-8752646-719-3525 
 Peri-op RN Night- Weekend7p-7a  Ariane GimenoRN 203-572-4635  
 Peri-op RN Night- Weekend7p-7a  Daisy BarracaRN 516-941-5720  
 Peri-op RN-Weekend7p-7a  Jopie MarianoRN 443-763-0638  
 OR X-Ray Tech On-Call12a-7a  Daniel AffulX-Ray Tech 347-727-0179  
 Endo Tech On Call7a-7a  Soraya WilliamsEndoscopy Tech 224-406-6772  
 Pacu On Call RN7a-7p  Iskender KhidayatovRN 347-414-2230  
 Pacu On Call RN7a-7p  Johane DesriusseauxRN    
 Pacu On Call RN 7p-7a7p-7a  Korrine SagallaRN 917-535-3167  
 Pacu On Call RN 7p-7a7p-7a  Gina OrganistaRN 917-476-0637  
 RHEUMATOLOGY Call Transfer Center8a-6p  BAHAR MOGHADDAMMD    
 Radiology - ED Overnight Attending7p-7a  ED OVERNIGHT ATTENDINGMD 347-313-8715  
NEMAT Intracranial Hemorrhage
 MSW NSICU Attending7a-7a  Dana KlavanskyAttending 347-393-3264    
 NEMAT Fellow Night7p-7a  Benjamin YimFellow 818-378-3651  
 NEMAT Attending WeekEnd7a-7a  Dana KlavanskyAttending 347-393-3264    
 Endovascular Fellows7a-7a  Joseph YoonFellow 617-721-1926    
 Endovascular Attending7a-7a  Zhe GuanFellow 917-273-8538    
 MSW NSICU7a-7a  NSICU TeamPA/NP/Resident 212-523-2183  
Subarachnoid Hemorrhage
 NEMAT Fellow Day7a-7p  Srinivas MedavarapuFellow 132-1109    
 Nemat Fellow Night.7p-7a  Benjamin YimFellow 818-378-3651  
 NEMAT Attending WeekEnd7a-7a  Dana KlavanskyAttending 347-393-3264    
 Endovascular Fellows.7a-7a  Joseph YoonFellow 617-721-1926    
 Endovascular Fellow Back Up7a-7a  Zhe GuanFellow 917-273-8538    
 MSH NSICU7a-7a  MSH NEMATAPP/Resident 917-715-4262  
 MSH NSICU 1 Attending7a-7a  Neha Dangayach Attending 774-823-8056    
Nephrology - MSH When is my patient scheduled for dialysis?  Sunday dialysis is for emergencies only6a-11p  x48081Service Pager    
MSH Nephrology Teams
 FLOOR CONSULTS (No ICU, dialysis, transplant)7a-7a  p8981Service Pager    
 ICU (No transplant)7a-7a  p8990Service Pager    
 ESKD (On dialysis > 3 mo)7a-7a  p8985Service Pager    
 Any Solid Organ Transplant7a-7a  p8986Service Pager    
 Nephrology Night Fellow (7p-7a) p89817p-7a  Gandarillas Fraga, Sebastian1st YR Fellow    
MSH Solid Organ Transplant p8986
 Nephrology Transplant Attending (Weekend)5p-8a  Bhansali, ArjunAttending 646-629-5347    
MSH Weekends, Biopsy, Backup
 Sinai wknd-holiday 7a-3p  Notis, Melissa1st YR Fellow    
 Transplant wknd-holiday + Backup7a-7a  Suresh, Varsha2nd YR Fellow    
 Primary Sick Call7a-5p  Chang, Michael 2nd YR Fellow    
 Weekend Attdg (5pFri-7aMon)5p-7a  Chan, LiliAttending 146-209-8995  212-241-1300 Short Range 8995 
Bronx VA p8982
 VA Nephrology Day Fellow day (7a-5p)7a-5p  Sikri, Hridyesh3rd YR Fellow    
 VA Nephrology Fellow Night (On-Call)5p-6a  Sikri, Hridyesh3rd YR Fellow    
 VA Attdg6a-6a  Post, JamesAttending    
Dialysis Unit
 On Call Dialysis RN11:30p-6:30a  Gloria, SharonRN 212-241-1300 SR 1430    
 On Call Dialysis RN11:30p-6a  Valenzuela, NinaRN 646-992-7242  
 On Call Dialysis RN10:30p-6:30a  Jacob, AbeysonRN    
Nephrology - MSSL and MSW On-Call Nights - MSSL  5p-8a  Sedlacek, Martin
Attending 603-359-1427    
For ESRD patients admitted after hours, who do not need urgent overnight dialysis, please page day team starting at 8am.
 On-Call Nights - MSW  5p-8a  Sedlacek, Martin
Attending 603-359-1427    
For ESRD patients admitted after hours, who do not need urgent overnight dialysis, please page day team starting at 8am.
 Weekend and Holiday Days - MSSL - Attending8a-5p  Hofmeister, Stephen F.
Attending 39385    
 Weekend and Holiday Days - MSW - Attending8a-5p  Fakhoury, Maya
Attending 201-470-7692    
Nephrology/Rheumatology/Allergy - MSBI Nephrology Consult7a-5p  Giniyani, LarabMD 917-216-0604    
 Nephrology Overnight5p-7a  Giniyani, LarabMD 917-216-0604    
 Rheumatology Consult8a-8a  Freeman-Beman, LatoyaMD 917-765-0615 tel  917-765-0615 
Neurology - MSBI MSBI General Neuro Overnight Attending, Urgent Issu...7p-7a  shivkumar BhadolaPGY5 978-551-3909  
 MSBI General Neuro(Non-Stroke) Weekend Attending(7a...7a-7p  shivkumar BhadolaPGY5 978-551-3909  
 MSBI Weekend Video EEG Attending (8a-8a)8a-8a  Weiyi GaoNeurology MD 646-221-6104      
 Stroke First Call(7a-7p)DAY7a-7p  Nurse PractitionerNP 917-890-2093  
 Stroke First Call(7p-7a) NIGHT 7p-7a  Nurse PractitionerNP 917-890-2093  
 Stroke Day Attending (7a-5p)7a-5p  Mark HomonoffNeurology MD 347-802-5260    
 Stroke Night Attending (5p-7a)5p-7a  Mark HomonoffNeurology MD 347-802-5260    
Neurology - MSH CONTACTING NEUROLOGY - (Please do not page for non-urgent consults between 8AM-9AM and 12PM-1PM M-F)
 STROKE CODE6a-6a  dial 3333324/7 Pagers   
 New Consults6a-6a  page 254524/7 Pagers146-209-2545  
 EEG Tech (8a-8a)8a-8a  EEG Tech Cell/Chat GroupEEG Tech347-978-1567  
 OnCall Junior (5p-8p M-F, 8a-8p wknd)8a-8p  Maya EidPGY-2917-280-4608      
 OnCall Senior (5p-8p M-F, 8a-8p wknd)8a-8p  Madeline StecyPGY-4347-215-0766      
 MSH Night Float Jr (8p-8a)8p-8a  Erick Larios BautistaPGY-2929-618-8987      
 Home-Call Senior (8p-8a)8p-8a  Madeline StecyPGY-4347-215-0766      
 Neuro PA (7:30a-8p)7:30a-7:30p  Tiana CruzPhysician Assistant347-431-5278    
 Floor Moonlight (SaSu7:30a-3p)7:30a-2:30p  Rafique HaynesPGY-4347-452-7015      
 Chief On Call8a-8a  David DanielPGY-4347-452-5431      
 Stroke Fellow On Call (6a-6a)6a-6a  Amol MehtaFellow347-803-6602  
 Stroke Attending on Call8a-8a  Michael FaraAttending347-861-5883  
 Epilepsy Attending On Call (8a-8a)8a-8a  Jake YoungAttending917-544-1828    
 Neuro Day Attending On Call8a-8p  Anna PaceAttending646-510-4384  
 Neuro Night Attending On Call8p-8a  Anna PaceAttending646-510-4384  
 Bronx VA Home Call8a-8a  Sanket AggarwalPGY-2929-618-7800      
 EHC OnCall (M-F 5p-8p, SaSu 8a-8p)8a-8p  Sai PolineniPGY-3929-496-6747      
 EHC Night Float8p-8a  Nikunj PatelPGY-3347-503-5469      
 Peds Neuro Attending9a-5p  Walter MolofskyPeds Neuro Attending917-565-4372  
 Peds After-Hours Attending5p-9a  Walter MolofskyPeds Neuro Attending917-565-4372  
 Peds Weekend Attending (9a-9a)9a-9a  Walter MolofskyPeds Neuro Attending917-565-4372  
 Peds EEG Reads9a-9a  Maite LaVegaPeds Neuro Attending917-697-5531  
NEURO-OPHTHALMOLOGY (note: Direct calls to NO attending on-call must be done by physician (Ophthalmologist, Neurology, or Neurosurgeon only)).
 Neuro-Ophthalmology - 8a-5p8a-5p  Okumu, RitaAttending929-687-1508  
 Neuro-Ophthalmology - 5p-8a5p-8a  Okumu, RitaAttending929-687-1508  
 PGY2 Jeopardy8a-8a  Erick Larios BautistaPGY-2929-618-8987      
 PGY2 Weekend Backup Jeopardy8a-8a  Edwin OrtizPGY-2929-996-2163      
 PGY3 Weekend Backup Jeopardy8a-8a  Masrai WilliamsPGY-3347-712-1865      
 PGY3 Jeopardy8a-8a  Nikunj PatelPGY-3347-503-5469      
 PGY4 Jeopardy8a-8a  Rafique HaynesPGY-4347-452-7015      
Neurology - MSQ MSQ General Neurology
 MSQ General Neurology Attending Consult7a-7p  Punam Dass Attending MDMD 912-257-3104    
 MSQ General Neurology Overnight Urgent Issues7p-7a  Punam Dass Attending MDMD 912-257-3104    
 MSQ Routine EEG Attending8a-5p  David AharonoffMD 917-929-0210    
 MSQ EEG Attending or Fellow Nights5p-8a  Calvin YuMD 917-721-6535    
 MSQ Continuous EEG Attending8a-6p  David AharonoffMD 917-929-0210    
 MSQ EEG Tech Weekend 8a-15:308a-3:30p  Lewis ChavezEEG Tech 347-824-7306    
 ADN Night Shft11p-7a  Michelle GuyRN    
Acute Stroke
 MSH Stroke Fellow BE FAST CODE8a-5p  Amol MehtaMD 347-803-6602    
 MSH Stroke Fellow or Attending BE FAST CODE PM5p-8a  Amol MehtaMD 347-803-6602    
 MSQ Stroke Neurology Attending8a-5p  Punam Dass Attending MDMD 912-257-3104    
 MSQ Stroke Overnight Attending5p-8a  Punam Dass Attending MDMD 912-257-3104    
 MSQ Main Radiology Weekend 8a-5p8a-5p  74228-718.267.4228MD    
 Neuroendovascular Fellow7a-7a  Joseph YoonMD 917-415-4262    
 Neuroendovascular Fellow Night7p-7a  Joseph YoonMD 917-415-4262    
 Neuroendovascular Fellow Back Up7a-7a  Zhe GuanMD    
 Neuroendovascular Attending8a-6p  Tomoyoshi ShigematsuMD 646-623-8722    
 Cerebrovascular NP Day7a-7p  Fae AgudaRN 917-442-8649    
Neurology - MSW and MSSL MSW Neuro Resident 24/7 - page 30400 CALL FOR ALL NEURO @ MSW
 MSW General Neuro & Stroke Weekend Resident8a-8a  Ameena RanaNeurology Resident Consult pager 30400Floor pager 39990 
 MSW General Neuro & Stroke Floor Resident8a-5p  Christina LawNeurology Resident Consult pager 30400Floor pager 39990 
 MSW Stroke Weekend Attending9a-9a  Steve ShapiroFellow 201-618-3343  
 MSW Stroke APP7a-7p  Lisa LinaresStroke PA Pager 31669  
 MSM Stroke Weekend Attending9a-9a  Ajay SharmaMD Moonlighter  31967 PAGER646-912-2414 CELL 
 MSM Stroke APP8a-8p  Amisha BanadStroke PA 30112  
General Neurology
 MSW General Neuro Weekend Attending7a-7a  Dewitt PyburnAttending Pager 15002 Cell 917-796-4395  
General Neurology
 MSM General Neuro Weekend Attending7a-7a  Rita OkumuAttending 929-687-1508  
Epilepsy Monitoring Unit and EEG Reading
 MSW Epilepsy Weekend Fellow8a-5p  N-AFellow    
 MSW Epilepsy Weekend Attending8a-8a  James "Jake" YoungAttending 917-544-1828  
 MSM Epilepsy Weekend Attending8a-8a  Calvin YuAttending 917-721-6535  
 MSM AND MSW Epilepsy Weekend Night Fellow5p-8a  N-AFellow    
Pediatric Neurology
 Peds After Hours Attending5p-9a  Walter MolofskyPeds Neuro Attending 917-565-4372  
 Peds Neuro Attending9a-5p  Walter MolofskyPeds Neuro Attending 917-565-4372  
 Peds EEG Reading Attending9a-9a  Maite LaVegaPeds Neuro Attending 917-697-5531  
 Peds Weekend Attending9a-9a  Walter MolofskyPeds Neuro Attending 917-565-4372  
Neurosurgery - EHC CONSULT DAY7a-7p  Kaushik, KaramPhysician Assistant 31028     
 Floor PA DAY7a-7p  Dolma, SonamPhysician Assistant 14139     
 CONSULT NIGHT7p-7a  Singh, ArminderpalPhysician Assistant 31028   
 Floor PA NIGHT7p-7a  Gatina, TatyanaPhysician Assistant 14139   718-396-4902/4857 
 Chief Resident DAY7a-7p  Hardigan, TrevorChief Resident 14363   912-657-4781 
 Chief Resident NIGHT7p-7a  Hardigan, TrevorChief Resident 14363  912-657-4781 
 Attending On Call DAY7a-7p  Camara, DivaldoNeurosurgery Attending 929-371-0117    
 Attending On Call NIGHT7p-7a  Camara, DivaldoNeurosurgery Attending 929-371-0117    
Neuroendovascular Team
 Neuroendovascular PA DAY7a-7p  Dolma, SonamPhysician Assistant 76446     
 Neuroendovascular PA NIGHT7p-7a  Gatina, TatyanaPhysician Assistant 76446   718-396-4902/4857 
 CV Technologist On Call DAY7a-7p  Tom, MichaelCV Technologist 917-886-3620 tel917-886-3620 
 CV Technologist On Call NIGHT7p-7a  Tom, MichaelCV Technologist 917-886-3620 tel917-886-3620 
 Neuroendovascular Fellow7a-7a  Joseph YoonFellow 617-721-1926    
 Neuroendovascular Attending7a-7a  Tomoyoshi ShigematsuAttending 646-623-8722    
Neurocritical Care (NCC) Team
 NCC Consult DAY 7a-7p  --     
Please direct new neurosurgical critical care consults to Neurosurgery team and non-surgical consults to Neurology team, as appropriate.
 NCC Consult NIGHT 7p-7a  --     
Please direct new neurosurgical critical care consults to Neurosurgery team and non-surgical consults to Neurology team, as appropriate.
 NCC Attending On Call DAY 7a-7p  --     
Please direct new neurosurgical critical care consults to Neurosurgery team and non-surgical consults to Neurology team, as appropriate.
 NCC Attending On Call NIGHT 7p-7a  --     
Please direct new neurosurgical critical care consults to Neurosurgery team and non-surgical consults to Neurology team, as appropriate.
 POC-Critical Care EEG (Ceribell)12a-12a  TELEDOCNeurologist 888-973-9883    
Neurosurgery Administration
 Director of Service12a-12a  Hickman, ZacharyDirector of Service  96390  917-232-4805 
 Associate Director of Service12a-12a  Salgado, LauraAssociate Director 917-497-3186  718-334-2772 
 Neuroendovascular Director12a-12a  Shoirah, HazemNeuroendo Director 414-758-6127    
 Neurocritical Care Director12a-12a  Kapinos, GregoryNCC Director 347-514-1468  718-334-2772 
 Away12a-12a  Kapinos, GregoryNCC Director 347-514-1468  718-334-2772 
 Away12a-12a  Bokova, ValeryiaPhysician Assistant    
Neurosurgery - MSH Neurosurgery Consult Phone #347-949-1562
 Neurosurgery Consult - Service - PACU 7a-7a  Neurosurgery ConsultAPP/Resident 347-949-1562   
 Neurosurgery non-MSH Consult-Transfer7a-7a  Neurosurgery TransferAPP/Resident 212-241-6467  
 Neurosurgery Inpatient Red Service (Vascular)7a-7p  Neurosurgery VascularAPP/Resident 646-574-7800  
 Neurosurgery Inpatient Blue service (Tumor)7a-7p  Neurosurgery TumorAPP/Resident 347-913-2766  
 Pediatric Neurosurgery Attending7a-7a  Saadi GhatanAttending 917-379-3013  
 MSH NSICU 1 ATTENDING7a-7a  Neha Dangayach Attending 774-823-8056    
 MSH NSICU 2 ATTENDING7a-5p  Cappi LayAttending 917-747-3678    
 MSW NSICU Attending7a-7a  Dana KlavanskyAttending 347-393-3264    
 Neurosurgery Inpatient White service (Spine)7a-7p  Neurosurgery SpineAPP/Resident 347-964-3692  
 Neurosurgery Inpatient Purple Service (Pediatrics)7a-7p  Neurosurgery PediatricsAPP/Resident 347-913-2766  
 Inpatient Neurocritical Care-Neuro-Emergency Manage...7a-7a  MSH NEMATAPP/Resident 917-715-4262  
 Non-MSH Neurocritical Care-Neuro-Emergency Manageme...7a-7a  NEMATAPP/Resident 212-241-6467  
 Endovascular Fellows7a-7a  Joseph YoonFellow 617-721-1926    
 Endovascular Fellows Backup7a-7a  Zhe GuanFellow 917-273-8538    
 Endovascular Attending7a-7a  Tomoyoshi ShigematsuAttending 646-623-8722    
 MSH Attending7a-7a  Benjamin RapoportAttending 646-457-9250  
 NSICU Day Float7a-7p  Srinivas MedavarapuFellow 132-1109    
 NSICU Night Float7p-7a  Benjamin YimFellow 818-378-3651  
 MSW NSICU PRIMARY7a-7a  NSICU TeamPA/NP/Resident 212-523-2183  
 MSM-MSW NS ATTENDING7a-7a  Chan RoonprapuntMD 646-250-4428  
 MSM BACK-UP ATTENDING7a-7a  Patrick ReidMD 404-668-7191  
 PEDS NS ATTENDING (CALL MSM-MSW FIRST CONSULT)7a-7a  Saadi GhatanMD 917-379-3013  
 Endovascular Attending7a-7a  Tomoyoshi ShigematsuAttending 646-623-8722    
Nuclear Medicine - MSH Resident On Call6p-12a  Trak,JosephResident 6192    
 Attending MD (only if no answer otherwise)6p-12a  Stempler,LAttending    
 Tech. on call6p-12a  Melesio-Crespo,KTechnologist 929-408-4437    
 Technologist Supervisor6p-12a  Rafique, ATech. Supervisor    
Nuclear Medicine Residency - MSH CT-MR6a-6a  Aisha AlamNM-1 347-601-0912  
 Vac6a-6a  Raksha KulkarniNM-1 646-744-6136  
 PET6a-6a  Rahman AkinlusiNM-2 773-961-9103  
 PET6a-6a  Ahmed AbdelrahmanNM-3 832-888-6787  
 NC6a-6a  Busra CangutNM-2 507-210-6784  
 PET-L (On call resident)6a-6a  Joseph TrakNM-3 Pager - 6192    
 RX6a-6a  Vipashyana JadavFellow 973-997-8356  
 GNM6a-6a  Matteo NovelloNM-3 216-983-9325  
 West PET Resident6a-6a  Lucas MartinsNM-MSW    
OB GYN MSH Residents Labor Night chief7p-7a  Ana CapiPGY3 vocera/45501   
 OB Night PGY27p-7a  Shawn KripalaniPGY2 vocera/45501   
 On Call PGY1 OB7a-7a  Tahera DoctorPGY1 vocera/45501   
 On Call PGY2 GYN-GYN ONC-Consult7a-7a  Vivian EmengoPGY2 6199   
 On Call PGY3 OB-MFM7a-7a  Naomi AtobiloyePGY3 vocera/45501   
 On Call PGY4 GYN Chief7a-7a  Leslie WarrenPGY4 6199   
OB Maternal Fetal Medicine -MSH MFM Consults
 MFM Fellow Daytime Consults 8a-8a  Edwards, Sara
MFM Fellows contact MFM... (301) 775-0796 
 MFM Fellow Night Consults5p-8a  Edwards, SaraMFM Fellows LD resident... (301) 775-0796 
MFM 1176 5th Avenue
 MFM Attending AM SERVICE 7a-12p  DeBolt, ChelseaMFM Attendings 315-521-4932 tel315 521-4932 
 MFM Attending PM SERVICE12p-5p  DeBolt, ChelseaMFM Attendings 315-521-4932 tel315 521-4932 
 MFM Attending overnight ON-CALL 5p-8a  DeBolt, ChelseaMFM Attendings 315-521-4932 tel315 521-4932 
OB/GYN MSH Attending, MW, PA Labor Floor Attending Coverage
 Attending LD AOD Laborist7a-7p  Pochert, SamanthaAttending 616-443-3120 tel616 443-3120 
 Attending LD AOD7a-7p  Abraham, CynthiaAttending 917-330-1470 tel917 330-1470 
ATTENDINGS - Labor & Delivery - Afternoon (12:30-17:00)
 Attending LD AON Laborist7p-7a  Goldman, AriellaAttending 617-835-9744 tel617 835-9744 
 Attending LD AON7p-7a  Reese, NicoletteAttending 203-502-9943 tel203 502-9943 
 Family Medicine Attending LD Night7p-7a  Glass, SamanthaFamily Medicine 312-888-6299 tel312 888-6299 
 Family Medicine Post Partum Coverage7a-7a  Glass, Samantha
Family Medicine 312-888-6299 tel312 888-6299 
FPA and Private Practices Labor Floor Coverage
 FPA East 98th Street LD Day7a-8p  Kremer, Anna
Attending 917-660-4590 tel917 660-4590 
 FPA East 98th Street LD Night8p-7a  Kremer, Anna
Attending 917-660-4590 tel917 660-4590 
 FPA East 85th Street LD Day7a-8p  Reese, Nicolette
Attending 203-502-9943 tel203 502-9943 
 FPA East 85th Street LD Night8p-7a  Reese, Nicolette
Attending 203-502-9943 tel203 502-9943 
 FPA East 72nd Street LD Day7a-8p  Sternstein, Meredith
Attending 305-984-6063 tel305 984-6063 
 FPA East 72nd Street LD Night8p-7a  Sternstein, Meredith
Attending 305-984-6063 tel305 984-6063 
 Ob-Gyn Westside LD Day7a-8p  Robles, Brittany
Attending 347-668-6392 tel347 668-6392 
 Ob-GYn Westside LD Night8p-7a  Robles, Brittany
Attending 347-668-6392 tel347 668-6392 
 Brasner Blumberg Amaru LD Day7a-7p  Olsen, AnnieAttending 206-883-5137 tel206 883-5137 
 Brasner Blumberg Amaru LD Night7p-7a  Olsen, AnnieAttending 206-883-5137 tel206 883-5137 
 East Side Associates LD Night7p-7a  Shur, MeredithAttending 917-833-8445 tel917 833-8445 
 Carnegie Hill ObGyn LD Day7a-7p  Goodstein, CatherineAttending 347-461-0043 tel347 461-0043 
 Carnegie Hill ObGyn LD Night7p-7a  Goodstein, CatherineAttending 347-461-0043 tel347 461-0043 
 Refuah Obgyn LD Day7a-8p  Li, Stephen
Attending 832-597-7298 tel832 597-7298 
 Refuah Obgyn LD Night8p-7a  Li, Stephen
Attending 832-597-7298 tel832 597-7298 
 Uptown Obgyn LD Day7a-7p  Walia, JenniferAttending 716-359-3102 tel716 359-3102 
 Uptown Obgyn LD Night7p-7a  Walia, JenniferAttending 716-359-3102 tel716 359-3102 
 Attending LD Hemorrhage PM5p-8a  Zakashansky, KonstantinAttending 917-743-2940 tel917 743-2940 
LD Hemorrhage Coverage
 Fellow LD Hemorrhage AM8a-5p  Holtzman, SharonneFellow 610-291-8176 tel610 291-8176 
 Fellow LD Hemorrhage PM5p-8a  Holtzman, SharonneFellow 610-291-8176 tel610 291-8176 
 Fellow Family Planning Emergency Call7a-7a  Kus, Lauren Fellow 646-960-1876 tel646 960-1876 
 Attending Family Planning Emergency Call7a-7a  Jacobs, Adam
Attending 917-355-9181 tel917-355-9181 
ED coverage
 Attending GYN Weekend Consult 8a-8a  8a-12a  Owen, Jane
Attending 646-831-5952 tel646 831-5952 
 Attending GYN Weekend Consult 8a-8a  12a-8a  Tang, Jian Jenny
Attending 917-318-8875212-241-9393 
 Attending - GYN service AOW 8a-8a  Oner, CeydaAttending 917-226-3884 tel917 226-3884 
MIDWIVES - Labor & Delivery
 Midwife LD Day7a-7p  Panganiban, RomaMidwife 949-528-7330 tel949 528-7330 
 Miwufe LD Night7p-7a  Miller, MalaikaMidwife 678-557-1379 tel678 557-1379 
Physician Assistants and Nurse Practioners
 PA- L&D day7a-7:30p  Lin, EmilyPhys. Ass't 609-651-3267 tel609 651-3267 
 PA- L&D Night7p-7a  Godfrey, AlyssaPhys. Ass't 917-455-6094 tel917 455-6094 
 NP-postpartum6:30a-7p  Calabrese, MariaPhys. Ass't 646-864-6098347 978-6769 
OB/GYN MSW/MSM MSW Labor & Delivery, Triage, Postpartum
 OB Attending: L&D AOD - LABORIST - day7a-7p  Loehrke, LisaAttending Physician 773-914-2681    
 OB Attending: L&D AOD - day7a-7p  Owens, T
Fellow 859-948-4454    
 OULA OB Backup - day7a-7p  Owens, TFellow 859-948-4454    
 OB Attending: L&D AON - LABORIST - night7p-7a  Henry, SeanAttending Physician 201-213-3872    
 OB Attending: L&D AON - night7p-7a  Yu, Jeffrey
Attending Physician 310-628-7454    
 OULA OB Backup - night7p-7a  Yu, JeffreyAttending Physician 310-628-7454    
 OB NP: Postpartum - day6:30a-7p  Ubaydova, RoksanaNurse Practitioner 646-436-1551    
 OB NP: Postpartum - day6:30a-7p  Zaman, IbtheNurse Practitioner    
MSW L&D Hemorrhage
 Fellow: L&D Hemorrhage - day7a-7p  Holtzman, Sharonne
Fellow 610-291-8176  
 Fellow: L&D Hemorrhage - night7p-7a  Holtzman, Sharonne
Fellow 610-291-8176  
 Attending: L&D Hemorrhage - day7a-7p  Zakashansky, Konstantin
Attending Physician 917-743-2940    
 Attending: L&D Hemorrhage - night7a-7a  Zakashansky, Konstantin
Attending Physician 917-743-2940    
Complex Family Planning
 Fellow: Family Planning Emergency 7a-7a  Kus, Lauren Fellow 646-960-1876 tel646 960-1876 
 Attending: Family Planning Emergency 7a-7a  Jacobs, Adam
Attending 917-355-9181 tel917-355-9181 
NST Interpretation AP
 NST Interpretation AP7a-5p  Owens, TFellow 859-948-4454    
Maternal-Fetal Medicine
 Fellow: Maternal Fetal Medicine - 1st call8a-8a  Lam-Rachlin, Jennifer
Attending Physician 917-439-2142    
 Attending: Maternal Fetal Medicine - 2nd call8a-8a  Lam-Rachlin, Jennifer
Attending Physician 917-439-2142    
MSW GYN ED Consults
 Gyn ED Attending MSW: Gyn AOD - day7a-7p  Shulina, Zhanna
Attending Physician 917-547-4272    
 Gyn ED Attending MSW: Gyn AON - night7p-7a  Thornton, Benjamin
Attending Physician 706-410-7327    
 Laparoscopy Call5p-7a  Thornton, BenjaminAttending Physician 706-410-7327    
Minimally Invasive GYN Surgery and Urogynecology
 Fellow: Minimally Invasive Surgery & Urogyn 7a-8a  Chibber, Shani
MSM GYN ED Consults
 Gyn ED Attending MSM: Gyn AOD - day7a-7p  Kus, Lauren
Fellow 260-409-6622    
 Gyn ED Attending MSM: Gyn AON - night7p-7a  Kus, Lauren
Fellow 260-409-6622    
TIME OFF: Vacation, Conference, Free (Personal) and Sick
 Vacation12a-12a  Hopkins, AlexandraPhysician Assistant 973-951-9062    
 Vacation12a-12a  Khalil, SusanAttending Physician 646-204-0044    
OB/Gyn MSW/MSSL Residents OB Resident Night & Weekend Schedule
 L&D Call Intern 6:30a-6:30a  Pineda, MPGY1 Vocera 23-8484/OB...     
 L&D Call 2nd yr Resident 6:30a-6:30a  Borenzweig, WPGY2 238-4843OB resident)     
 L&D Call 3rd yr Resident 6:30a-6:30a  Hernandez, APGY3 238-4842OB resident)     
 L&D Call Chief Resident 6:30a-6:30a  Chowdhary, PPGY4 238-4841OB resident)     
 L&D Call Back-up Resident6:30a-6:30a  Tumfour, JPGY1 908-838-5294    
GYN Resident Schedule
 GYN Consults MSW Resident 6:30a-6:30a  Pg: 05-33463GYN Consults MSW 053-1884     
 GYN Consults MSM Resident 6:30a-6:30a  Pg: 05-31884GYN Consults MSM 053-1884     
OBGYN/MFM MSW Practices MSW OB Faculty Practice
 L&D FPA 57 & 77: Francis,Hirschmann-Levy,Lee,Paka -...7:30a-7p  Brown, Robin
Attending Physician 917-370-0056    
 L&D FPA 57 & 77: Francis,Hirschmann-Levy,Lee,Paka -...7p-7:30a  Lee, Harry
Attending Physician 917-696-2421    
 L&D FPA 46 & MSUS: Brar,Lewis-Morris,Rothenberg,Sas...8a-8p  Reid, Caroline
Midwife 404-520-1682    
 L&D FPA 46 & MSUS: Brar,Lewis-Morris,Rothenberg,Sas...8p-8a  Worrell, Helaine
Attending Physician 646-337-1037    
 L&D FPA 77: Brown,Kahn,Langer,Simonson - day7:30a-7p  Brown, Robin
Attending Physician 917-370-0056    
 L&D FPA 77: Brown,Kahn,Langer,Simonson - night7p-7:30a  Lee, Harry
Attending Physician 917-696-2421    
 L&D FPA 77: Rhee,Shulina,Cohen,Siegel - day7a-7p  Shulina, ZhannaAttending Physician 917-547-4272    
 L&D FPA 77: Rhee,Shulina,Cohen,Siegel - night7p-7a  Shulina, ZhannaAttending Physician 917-547-4272    
MSW OB Voluntary (Affiliate) Practice
 L&D OULA-BROOKLYN: Comer,Hamilton,Kioko-Kamps,Lipsh... 8a-8p  Kioko-Kamps, TrixieMidwife 518-429-8057    
 L&D OULA-BROOKLYN: Comer,Hamilton,Kioko-Kamps,Lipsh... 8p-8a  Lipshutz, RochelleMidwife 646-339-9416    
 L&D OULA-DOWNTOWN: Ferin,Fleming-Jones,Macqueen,Seg... 8a-8p  Weingarten, AmandaMidwife 516-680-1437    
 L&D OULA-DOWNTOWN: Ferin,Fleming-Jones,Macqueen,Seg... 8p-8a  Segilia, AmandaMidwife 347-385-3732    
 L&D Central Park Midwifery: Keller-Duemig,McPherson...8a-8p  Pauls, CaraMidwife 917-656-4558    
 L&D Central Park Midwifery: Keller-Duemig,McPherson...8p-8a  Pauls, CaraMidwife 917-656-4558    
 L&D Community Midwifery Care - day8a-8p  Eichenbaum-Pikser, GinaMidwife 917-599-7719    
 L&D Community Midwifery Care - night8p-8a  Eichenbaum-Pikser, GinaMidwife 917-599-7719    
 L&D Nettle Wellness: Sood & Zasloff - day8a-8p  Zasloff, JoMidwife 347-952-6952    
 L&D Nettle Wellness: Sood & Zasloff - nght8p-8a  Zasloff, JoMidwife 347-952-6952    
 L&D Aaron ObGyn - day8a-8p  Aaron, GilaAttending Physician 917-558-5909    
 L&D Aaron ObGyn - night8p-8a  Aaron, GilaAttending Physician 917-558-5909    
 L&D Aster ObGyn: Fahmy & Roesner - day7a-7p  Roesner, RachelAttending Physician 952-836-7978    
 L&D Aster ObGyn: Fahmy & Roesner - night7p-7a  Roesner, RachelAttending Physician 952-836-7978    
 L&D Central Park Women's Health: Mamdani - day8a-8p  Mamdani, YusufAttending Physician 646-245-5322    
 L&D Central Park Women's Health: Mamdani - night8p-8a  Mamdani, YusufAttending Physician 646-245-5322    
 L&D Viva Eve: Drosinos,Gohar,Sohan,Thornton - day6a-6p  Thornton, BenjaminAttending Physician 706-410-7327    
 L&D Viva Eve: Drosinos,Gohar,Sohan,Thornton - night6p-6a  Thornton, BenjaminAttending Physician 706-410-7327    
 L&D MFMA: Bender,Friedman,Kia,Kostant,Melka,Mobeen,...8a-8p  Mobeen, Sadia
Attending Physician 518-368-2472    
 L&D MFMA: Bender,Friedman,Kia,Kostant,Melka,Mobeen,...8p-8a  Kia, Farnaaz
Attending Physician 952-356-2709    
 L&D Pure ObGyn: Ayoub,Friedman,Goncharov,Lowe,Palme...8a-8p  Ayoub, AlbertAttending Physician 917-549-9841    
 L&D Pure ObGyn: Ayoub,Friedman,Goncharov,Lowe,Palme...8p-8a  Ayoub, AlbertAttending Physician 917-549-9841    
 L&D Sohan ObGyn - night6p-6a  Thornton, BenjaminAttending Physician 706-410-7327    
 L&D Women's Health: Sorkin - day7a-7p  Sorkin, LeonidAttending Physician 646-623-7127    
 L&D Women's Health: Sorkin - night7p-7a  Sorkin, LeonidAttending Physician 646-623-7127    
 L&D Jeff Yu ObGyn - day7a-7p  Yu, JeffAttending Physician 310-628-7454    
 L&D Jeff Yu ObGyn - night7p-7a  Yu, JeffAttending Physician 310-628-7454    
MSW Ob/Gyn Nurse Practitioners: POSTPARTUM
 Postpartum NP - day6:30a-7p  Zaman, IbtheNurse Practitioner    
 Postpartum NP - day6:30a-7p  Ubaydova, RoksanaNurse Practitioner 646-436-1551    
MSW Maternal-Fetal Medicine Faculty Practice
 MFM 1st call8a-8a  Lam-Rachlin, Jennifer
Attending Physician 917-439-2142    
 MFM 2nd call8a-8a  Lam-Rachlin, Jennifer
Attending Physician 917-439-2142    
OMFS- MSBI, MSW Day Call7a-6p  Kristen HorstmannIntern 559-392-8174    
 Night Call6p-7a  Trevor BurgessIntern 13179    
 Chief 2nd Call7a-6a  Jeeva VenkataramanPGY2 13629    
 Attending Call7a-7a  LiebermanAttending 914-552-6487    
Ophthalmology - MSH For Glaucoma urgent surgical issues, please contact Dr. Pasquale at 617-841-4121
 Night-Weekend First Call (Junior Resident)7a-7a  Michael LaiR1 201-925-0920 telCell#: 201-925-0920 
 Night-Weekend Second Call (Senior Resident)7a-7a  Gabriel ShakarovR3 Pager # 0116Cell phone # 917-449-0039 
 Anterior Segment (Trauma and Transfer)5p-8a  Emily MoriartyAttending 202-441-7318 telCell: 202-441-7318 
 Cornea5p-8a  Neha ShaikAttending 917-859-1443 telCell: 917-859-1443 
 Glaucoma5p-8a  Emily MoriartyAttending 202-441-7318 telCell: 202-441-7318 
 Retina5p-8a  Stella DourosAttending 917-626-4709Office: 718-238-2336 
 Oculoplastics5p-8a  Alberto DistefanoAttending 203-915-4461cell: 203-915-4461 
For MSH, MSW, MSM Morningside, MSBI: Direct calls to NO attending on call must be done by physician (Ophthalmologist, Neurology, or Neurosurgeon only.)
 NeuroOphthalmology5p-8a  Rita OkumuAttending 929-687-1508  
Ophthalmology - MSW and MSSL For all ED ophthalmology consults, please initiate via placing the teleophthalmology order. The Transfer Center will connect you with consultant. See instructions in order.
 Day Call8a-5p  Wong, SzeMD 808-230-6007    
For all ED ophthalmology consults, please use the teleophthalmology order.
 Night Call5p-8a  Distefano, AlbertoMD 203-915-4461  
Ophthalmology - NYEEI, MSBI 1st Yr - PGY27:30a-7:30a  Garzon Vargas, Catalina
Resident 954-213-4856  Pager 12020 
 2nd Yr - PGY37:30a-7:30a  Chang, Chih-ChiunResident 559-288-9707Pager 12020 
 3rd Yr - PGY47:30a-7:30a  Paulose, SefyResident 215-847-9260Pager 12020 
 Transfer Fellow8a-8a  Fallon, JuliaFellow 201-704-5447  
 Glaucoma8a-8a  Lee, RachelAttending 301-801-9734  
 Retina Fellow8a-8a  Fallon, JuliaFellow 201-704-5447  
 Retina8a-8a  Deobhakta, AvnishAttending 650-387-1268  
 Cornea8a-8a  Ahmad, SumayyaAttending 301-473-3930  
 Plastics8a-8a  Distefano, AlbertoAttending 203-915-4461  
 NeuroOphthalmology8a-5p  Okumu, RitaAttending 929-687-1508  
 NeuroOphthalmology5p-8a  Okumu, RitaAttending 929-687-1508  
 Uveitis8a-8a  Chandra, GauravAttending 516-695-8274  
 Trauma5a-5a  Flanagan, John
Attending 718-822-6343  
 Extended-hours Eye Clinic9a-6p  Tannenbaum, Mark
Attending 732-558-8812  
Orthopaedic Surgery & Podiatry - MSH MSH Junior Resident Call_ALL CONSULTS (7a-7a) 7a-7a  Pager #4025Pager #4025 4025   
 Ortho Floor Pager 7a-5p (PACU-PHASE 2)7a-5p  Pager #3661Pager #4025    
 Junior On Call Resident (7a-7a)7a-7a  BurapachaisriPGY 2 4025   
 Senior Back Up Resident (7a-7a)7a-7a  KantrowitzPGY 4 201-248-0136  
 Attending (7a-7a)7a-7a  PodolnickMD  713-876-1986  
 Hand Attending (7a-7a)7a-7a  HausmanHAND    
 Podiatry Rehabilitation Units Only8a-6p  Wroblewski, RPodiatry 917-301-8996  
Orthopaedic Surgery - MSBI All Ortho Consults 7a-7a  Ortho PA - 13016PA    
 Ortho Attending - (Not for consults)7a-7a  Robert ZietsMD 919-797-1123  
 Hand Attending - ( not for consults)7a-7a  Robert ZietsMD 919-797-1123  
Orthopedic Surgery - MSW and MSSL MSW - Please call R1 first, R2 2nd, and call Attending 3rd.
 MSW Junior Resident Call_ALL Consults8a-8a  JallohPGY 2 38001   
 MSW Back Up Senior Resident8a-8a  CautelaPGY 5 718-909-6586  
MSW Hand: Please call R1 first, R2 second, and attending third.
 MSW Hand - Junior Resident Call8a-8a  JallohPGY 2 38001   
 MSW PA Night Call6p-7a  HoffmanPA 646-880-7877  
 MSSL & MSW Hand - Attending Call8a-8a  Jaehon KimAttending 347-501-0391  
 MSW Attending Call8a-8a  David ForshAttending 917-517-0575  
MSW Ortho Spine
 MSW Ortho Spine 1st Call8a-8a  Neurosurgery PA MSWPA 34026    
 MSW Ortho Spine 2nd Call8a-8a  NeuroAttending 212-523-8500  
 MSW Ortho Spine 3rd Call8a-6p  NeuroAttending 212-523-8500  
MSSL - Please call R1 first, R2 second, and attending third.
 MSSL Junior Resident Call8a-8a  MustapichPGY 2 38000   
 MSSL Back Up Senior Resident8a-8a  CautelaPGY 5 718-909-6586  
 MSSL Attending Call8a-8a  David ForshAttending 917-517-0575  
MSSL Ortho Spine
 MSSL Ortho Spine 1st Call8a-8a  Neurosurgery PA MSMPA 35588  646-995-8160 
 MSSL Ortho Spine 2nd Call8a-8a  NeuroAttending 212-523-8500  
 MSSL Ortho Spine 3rd Call8a-6p  NeuroAttending 212-523-8500  
Otolaryngology (ENT) MSH Attending Call (24hrs)7a-7a  Mohemmed Nazir KhanAttending 201-707-2016  
 MSH ENT Resident On Call 7a-7p  MSH ENT Resident TeamResident  2510   
 MSH ENT Emergency Surgical Airway Team Phone 7a-7a  Surgical Airway ENT ResidentResident  2510   646-584-5531 
 MSM Attending (Evenings, all day Weekends)8a-8a  Thai-duong CungAttending 301-938-6934  
 MSW-NYEE Junior Resident, 7a-7a (24hrs) 7a-7a  MSW ENT Resident TeamResident  31595      
 MSW Attending8a-8a  Noah SandsAttending 917-617-3993    
 MSBI Consult PA 8a-8a8a-8a  MSBI ENT-Ortho PA PA 347-344-8064  
 MSBI Attending On-Call 8a-8a8a-8a  Raj TandonAttending 917-566-7273  
Pathology - MSH Microbiology-Attending 9a-9a  Nowak, MichaelAttending 347-880-5576    
 Blood Bank And Apheresis Attending On Call-Weekend7a-7a  Baine, IanAttending 646-960-1760    
 Blood Bank and Clinical Pathology Resident On Call8a-8p  Kombak, Faruk ErdemR2 347-978-1937   
 Apheresis resident on call8a-8p  Kombak, Faruk ErdemR2 347-978-1082   
 UNOS Weekend6a-6a  Polydorides, AlexandrosAttending 0139     
 Frozen Section Attending-Neuropathology Call Only8a-8a  Richardson, TimothyAttending 713-408-2249    
 Frozen Section-Anatomic Pathology Call Attending5a-5a  Polydorides, AlexandrosAttending 917-292-5145    
 Frozen Section-Anatomic Pathology Call Resident5a-5a  Harati, Mitra DehganR3 9571   
 Neuropathology Fellow Pager7a-7a  Neuropath PagerNP Pager 8306   
 Dermatopathology Fellow Call8a-8a  Zhou, LisaFellow 917-499-7177    
Pediatric Cardiology Fellows - MSH Attending On Call5p-8a  Seiden,HowieAttending 1790  
 Fellow On Call (Weekend)8a-8a  CAPIN, IVANAFellow 1st Yr 4980  347-2830779 
 Fellow Back Up5p-8a  Khandan, TulasiFellow 3rd Yr 9679  860-965-8008 
 Echo Attending Back Up5p-8a  Geiger,MiwaAttending 1718  
 Bronx Care On Call5p-8a  Ezon,DavidAttending 9566  
 MSW AM8a-5p  Borg, MortonAttending 917-501-3392    
 MSW PM5p-8a  Borg, MortonAttending 917-501-3392    
 MSM (8A-5p)8a-5p  Borg, MortonAttending 917-501-3392    
 MSM (5P-8a)5p-8a  Borg, MortonAttending 917-501-3392    
 Transplant MD9a-12p  LAMOUR, JACQUELINEAttending 914-522-7634    
Pediatrics - MSH Chief8a-8a  Adiel MunkChief 146-209-0367  
 Senior Admitting Resident 7a-5:30p  Pinto, Cristina
PL2 146-209-1421  
 Senior Admitting Resident 5:30p-7a  Garcia-Wilde, Chris
PL2 929-452-1414  
 Green Team Phone7a-7a  Green Team PhoneOther 347-572-9662     
 Blue Team Phone7a-7a  Blue Team PhoneOther 347-572-9666     
 Yellow Team Phone7a-7a  Yellow Team PhoneOther 347-572-9664     
 Red Team Phone7a-7a  Red Team PhoneOther 347-572-9668     
 Blue Green Weekend Senior7a-5:30p  Zhong, OliviaPL2 146-209-3006  
 Red Yellow Weekend Senior7a-5:30p  Garpestad, ClairePL3 929-452-1653    
 Blue-Green Senior Night5:30p-6:30a  Garcia-Wilde, ChrisPL2 929-452-1414  
 Red-Yellow Senior Night5:30p-6:30a  Idehen, ClarePL3 929-452-1673    
 Blue Green Intern Day7a-5:30p  Iluyomade, PonlePL1 146-209-9368  
 Red Yellow Intern Day7a-5:30p  Erazo, JosePL1 146-209-9115  
 Blue Green Intern Night5:30p-6:30a  Arguello-Angarita, SharonPL1 146-209-6627  
 Red Yellow Intern Night5:30p-6:30a  Cheung, ChristinaPL1 146-209-0339  
 PICU Senior7a-7a  Davidson, AmaraPL4 929-452-1824    
 PICU Wknd 247a-7a  Flores, JairusPL3    
 PICU Weekend Day7a-5:30p  Lin, JonathanEM Rotators    
 NICU Senior7a-7a  Abdel Jalil, KarimPL3 929-452-1672    
 NICU Short Stay Intern7a-6p  Cabassa, AndreaPL1 146-209-6289  
 Resident Jeopardy Call6a-6a  Wenger, BrittanyPL3 146-209-1959    
 Resident Backup Jeopardy Call6a-6a  Sharma, AndriaPL2 146-209-9113  
 Intern Jeopardy Call6a-6a  Reinoso, DaisyPL1 146-209-0123  
 Intern Backup Jeopardy Call6a-6a  Dalldorf, DelaneyPL1 146-209-2994  
Pediatrics - MSW NICU-Neo8a-4p  BRAGG, JENNIFERMD    
 PEDIATRIC IMAGING ESCALATION LINE8a-8a  Radiology SupervisorOTHER347-882-0292    
 KRAVIS ADMINISTRATOR ON CALL- PRIMARY8a-8a  Peter MidullaAttending917-664-3020 tel  917-664-3020 
 KRAVIS ADMINISTRATOR ON CALL- SECONDARY8a-8a  Fernando FerrerAttending860-922-8250    
 Pediatric CT Surgery-Cardiac ECMO and ECPR Attending8a-8a  Raghav MurthyAttending313-319-9227    
 Pediatric Non-Cardiac ECMO Surgical Attending7a-7a  Peter MidullaAttending917-664-3020 tel  917-664-3020 
 Pediatric Vascular Access Team7a-7a  Vascular Access
 Adolescent - ATTENDING7a-7a  Wendy NealAttending973-219-9577    
 Allergy-Immunology ATTENDING9a-9a  Kate WelchAttending917-708-1196     
 Allergy-Immunology FELLOW9a-9a  Neil R PatelFellow917-708-1196     
 Anesthesiology8a-8a  CALL TEAM LEADEROTHER2875    
 Cardiology Consult8a-6p  CARDIOLOGY CONSULT PAGEROTHER1038    
 Child Protection - DAY (MD)9a-5p  Katherine GrimmAttending917-751-4066    
 Child Protection - NIGHT5p-9a  Katherine GrimmAttending917-751-4066    
 ENT Consult8a-8a  ENT CONSULT PAGEROTHER2510  646-584-5531 
 Hematology-Oncology ATTENDING7a-7a  Kincheon LiAttending646-799-4669    
 Hematology-Oncology FELLOW (FIRST CALL)8a-8a  Dianna Hardatt Fellow516-582-5983    
 Endocrinology-FELLOW8a-8a  Juwairriyyah SiddiquiFellow146-209-1168    
 Endo-ATTENDING (CALL FELLOW ON CALL FIRST)8a-8a  Christopher RomeroAttending443-204-2005    
 GI - ATTENDING (CALL FELLOW ON CALL FIRST)9a-9a  Nancy PittmanAttending917-582-2472    
 Liver - ATTENDING (CALL FELLOW ON CALL FIRST)9a-9a  Nancy PittmanAttending917-582-2472    
 GI - FELLOW (DAY)9a-5p  Patricia HughesFellow201-916-6446    
 Liver - FELLOW (DAY)9a-5p  Patricia HughesFellow201-916-6446    
 GU Consult8a-8a  GU CONSULT PAGEROTHER1534    
 GU Attending on Call (call consult pager first)7a-7a  Jeffrey StockAttending973-715-8030    
 Hospital Medicine (Blue) ATTENDING8a-5p  Alexandra CoriaAttending  
 Hospital Medicine (Green) ATTENDING8a-5p  Alexandra CoriaAttending  
 Hospital Medicine OVERNIGHT ATTENDING 5p-8a  John KulesaAttending914-610-8557    
 Hospital Medicine ADMITTING ATTENDING8a-8a  John KulesaAttending914-610-8557    
 Hospital Medicine TRANSFER ATTENDING8a-8a  Hospital Medicine Transfer AttendingOTHER646-599-5776    
 ID - FELLOW8a-8a  Brian GuFellow146-209-0496    
 ID - ATTENDING (CALL FELLOW ON CALL FIRST)8a-8a  Roberto PosadaAttending146-209-2383    
 Pediatric Infection Prevention - 1st Call8a-8a  Jennifer Duchon IPAttending917-862-4706    
 Infection Prevention Administrator DAY - 2nd call8a-5p  IP Admin On-CallAttending212-659-9450    
 Infection Prevention Administrator NIGHT - 2nd call5p-8a  IP Admin Home CallAttending212-659-9451    
 Metabolic-Genetic FELLOW (DAY)9a-5p  Daniel SchecterFellow646-770-4763    
 Metabolic-Genetic FELLOW (OVERNIGHT-Use Pager)5p-9a  Daniel SchecterFellow646-770-4763    
 Genetics- ATTENDING (CALL FELLOW ON CALL FIRST)9a-9a  Mafalda BarbosaAttending646-770-4763    
 Nephrology- FELLOW8a-8a  Brittany LattanzaFellow146-209-0706    
 Nephrology-ATTENDING (CALL FELLOW ON CALL FIRST)8a-8a  Corinne BenchimolAttending917-412-4044    
 Neurology - Peds Faculty (CALL NEURO RESIDENT FIRST...9a-9a  Walter MolofskyAttending917-565-4372    
 Neurosurgery Consult8a-6p  NEUROSURGERY CONSULT PAGEROTHER347-949-1562    
 Orthopedic Consult (First Call)7a-7a  ORTHOPEDICS CONSULT PAGEROTHER4025    
 Orthopedic Junior On Call Resident (Second Call)7a-7a  BurapachaisriOTHER646-599-5963    
 Orthopedic Senior Back Up Resident (Third Call)7a-7a  BullerOTHER817-739-3383    
 Pediatrics Associates - Outpatient BACK UP4:30p-7a  Lisa BoguskiAttending305-879-2172    
 PCICU- PA8a-6p  PCICU PAOTHER646-581-0679    
 Pediatric Emergency Department8a-6p  Pediatric Emergency DepartmentOTHERx47151    
 Pediatric Respiratory Therapy PICU8a-6p  Pediatric Respiratory Therapy PICUOTHER146-209-3730    
 Pediatric Respiratory Therapy PCICU8a-6p  Pediatric Respiratory Therapy PCICUOTHER78882    
 Pediatric Respiratory Therapy (P4,P5,ED)8a-6p  Pediatric Respiratory Therapy (P4,P5,ED)OTHER146-209-2467  78877 
 Pediatric Respiratory Therapy (Transport)8a-6p  Pediatric Respiratory Therapy TransportOTHER917-583-8986    
 Pediatric Respiratory Therapy NICU8a-6p  Pediatric Respiratory Therapy NICUOTHER146-209-2812    
 PICU - Diamonds Fellow (first call)7a-4p  Allison PortenoyFellow646-745-6357    
 PICU - Hearts Fellow (first call)7a-4p  Allison PortenoyFellow646-745-6357    
 PICU Fellow In House (first call)4p-7a  Rachel MossFellow646-745-6357    
 PICU- Diamonds Attending8a-4p  Kim DerespinaAttending646-872-0907    
 PICU- Hearts Attending8a-4p  Judith MathieuAttending646-872-0907    
 PICU Attending In House4p-8a  Joanne HojsakAttending646-745-6357    
 Plastics Consult8a-6p  PLASTICS CONSULT PAGEROTHER4619    
 Program Director8a-8a  Jessica Reid-AdamAttending146-209-0798    
 Psychiatry- Floor Consults- NIGHTS5p-9a  ADULT PSYCH EROTHER212-241-5637  212-241-5637 
 Pediatric Pulmonary Fellow (Day)8a-5p  Alexandra KenneyFellow146-209-0188    
 Pediatric Pulmonary Fellow (Night)5p-8a  Alexandra KenneyFellow146-209-0188    
 Pediatric Pulmonary Attending (ICU and Floor Day) -...8a-5p  Douglas BushAttending146-209-0691    
 Pediatric Pulmonary Attending (Night) - If Listed, ...5p-8a  Douglas BushAttending146-209-0691    
 Radiology8a-8a  Henrietta RosenbergAttending146-209-7883    
 Rheumatology8a-8a  Rebecca TrachtmanAttending146-209-5153    
 Social Work Weekend8a-6p  Social Work WeekendOTHER146-209-0336  
 Surgery-Senior Resident- Day Consults7a-5p  Kunaprayoon, SaranPGY3In House: 3605  
 Surgery-Senior Resident-Night Consults Home Call5p-7a  Kunaprayoon, SaranPGY3In House: 3605  
 Surgey - Attending Day (CALL RESIDENT FIRST)7a-5p  Peter MidullaAttending917-664-3020 tel  917-664-3020 
 Surgery - Attending Night (CALL RESIDENT FIRST)5p-7a  Peter MidullaAttending917-664-3020 tel  917-664-3020 
 WBN8a-8p  Aimee MankodiOTHER702-994-8183    
Peds Newborn Medicine - MSH NICU Fellow On Call - Weekends8a-8a  Willard, CFellow    
 NICU Attending On Call - Overnight4p-8a  DragoAttending     
 NICU Attending - Weekend Long Call 8a-4p  TiozzoAttending     
  NICU Attending - Weekend Short Call8a-8a  J. LinAttending     
 Day APP16a-6p  Delorenzo, EAPP    
 Day APP26a-6p  Tapia, VAPP    
 Night APP16p-6a  Datta, AAPP    
 Night APP26p-6a  Eccleston, SAPP    
Physical Med and Rehab- MSH MSH Attending on Call
 Attending on Call - KCC2   Ghuman, JaskiranMSH Attending 929-348-0833516-776-1701 
 Attending on Call - KCC3   Ghuman, JaskiranMSH Attending 929-348-0833516-776-1701 
For afterhours/weekends/holidays, please page 1100
 MSH Resident on Call   Patel, Nishil PGY2 1100   
EHC: For afterhours/weekends/holidays, page 14693.
 EHC Resident on Call   Asaad, Farrah PGY2 914-236-0974   
Not on Call - DO NOT PAGE
 MSH Resident on Call Backup   Lewis, CarolinePGY3 5281    
Do not call/page back-up resident
 EHC Resident on Call Backup   Wilkey, KaitlynPGY4 2565    
Plastic and Reconstructive Surg 
 MSH Plastics DAY- 1st Call7a-7p  Neha ReddyResident  PAGER #4619  
 MSH Plastics NIGHT- 1st Call7p-7a  Neha ReddyResident  PAGER #4619  
 MSH Plastics Chief Resident- 2nd Call 7a-7p  Dani InglesbyResident  864-704-9645  
MSM & MSW & BI Plastic Surgery
 MSM, MSW Plastics DAY -1st Call7a-7p  Alex SarosiResident  917-392-0484  
 MSM, MSW Plastics NIGHT- 1st Call7p-7a  Alex SarosiResident  917-392-0484  
 MSW-MSM Plastics Chief Resident (2nd call)8a-6p  Jocelyn LuResident  949-632-3699  
 MSM, MSW Plastics Attending7a-7p  Alice YaoAttending 832-515-9888  
 Plastics Fellow, Resident NYEE-BI transgender -1st ...7a-7a  Max MandelbaumResident  610-547-1433  
 NYEE-BI transgender Plastics Attending 8a-6p  Yasmina ZoghbiAttending 813-966-9596  
 NYEE-BI transgender Plastics Attending 8a-6p  Elan HoreshAttending 954-682-3012  
 NYEE-BI transgender Plastics Attending 8a-6p  Ann TranAttending 646-709-7346  
Hand & Face Trauma
 Hand Trauma7a-7a  HausmanHAND    
 Facial Trauma Call (OMFS) 7a-7a  OMFS Resident TeamMD 1992   
 Facial Trauma Call (Plastics) 7a-7a  Plastics Resident TeamMD 4619   
Psychiatry - MSBI, NYEEI Addiction Medicine PAs
 MSBI Admitting 1 PA7a-5p  Shaw, SaraPAs    
 MSBI Night PA7:30p-7:30a  Zayas, JaimePAs    
 Addiction Consults for Med-Surg-ED8a-8a  Addiction Consult Team Services 10987  
 Back-Up On-Call Addiction Attending8a-8a  Swift, AmyAttendings 646-895-2039  
Psychiatry Consult Services to ED and Med-Surg
 MSBI Psychiatry Consults Weekend Days or Holidays8a-8p  Lee, EunhoPGY-2 23-24 13643  
 MSBI Psychiatry Consults Weekend Nights or Holidays8p-8a  Alvim, GabrielaPGY-2 23-24 13632  
 NYEE Psychiatry Consults Days9a-5p  NYEE Consult ContactServices 212-420-2137  
 NYEE Psychiatry Consults Nights5p-9a  NYEE Consult ContactServices 212-420-2137  
Psychiatry A Resident On Call
 MSBI A Resident Weekend or Holidays8a-8p  Tondehal, NikhilPGY-1 23-24    
 MSBI A Resident Night Float Weekend or Holidays8p-8a  Stevens, KathrynPGY-1 23-24    
Psychiatry B Resident On Call
 MSBI B Resident Weekend or Holidays8a-8p  Lee, EunhoPGY-2 23-24 13643  
 MSBI B Resident Night Float Weekend or Holidays8p-8a  Alvim, GabrielaPGY-2 23-24 13632  
MSBI CPEP Attending
 MSBI CPEP Attending8a-8p  Toma, MirelaAttendings 1st call 212.420...   
 MSBI CPEP Attending8p-8a  Jarmon, EricAttendings 1st call 212.420...   
C Resident On Call
 MSBI Child Psych Consults Weekend & Holiday Days 8a-8p  Lee, EunhoPGY-2 23-24 13643  
 MSBI Child Psych Consults Weekend and Holidays Nights8p-8a  Alvim, GabrielaPGY-2 23-24 13632  
 Inpt Transfers for Psych Screening & Approval weekE...8a-9p  CPEP Attending Attendings 212-420-4614(212) 420-2137 
  BHC Detox-Rehab 1st Call7a-3p  Swift, AmyAttendings 646-895-2039  
 BHC Detox-Rehab 2nd Call7a-3p  Babar, AlinaAttendings 845-546-0858  
 BHC On-Call Attending WeekDay Evening5p-8p  Andersen, JamesAttendings Pager 10398  
 BHC On-Call BHC Attending WeekDay Night8p-8a  Andersen, JamesAttendings Pager 10398  
All medical consults and specialty consults requires placing a Telemed Order and Consult in EPIC
 BHC Allergy Consult8a-6p  Choo, EugeneMD    
All medical consults and specialty consults requires placing a Telemed Order and Consult in EPIC
 BHC Central Hospialist8:30a-10p  Hui, JenniferAttending 646-262-9870  10135 
 BHC Central Hospitalist WeekEND7a-7p  Chi, HaoAttending 646-725-8928  10227 
 BHC Central Hospitalist Nocturnist10p-8a  Moyo, LeeroyAttending 561-312-8478    
All medical consults and specialty consults requires placing a Telemed Order and Consult in EPIC
 BHC Endocrine Consult8a-6p  Lena FanAttending 917-774-2078    
 BHC Endocrinology Consult Fellow8a-6p  Jiby Yohannan2nd Year Fellow 11111   
All medical consults and specialty consults requires placing a Telemed Order and Consult in EPIC
 BHC Neurology Night7p-7a  shivkumar BhadolaPGY5 978-551-3909  
 BHC Neurology WeekEND Day7a-7p  shivkumar BhadolaPGY5 978-551-3909  
 BHC Neurology WeekEND Night7p-7a  shivkumar BhadolaPGY5 978-551-3909  
All medical consults and specialty consults requires placing a Telemed Order and Consult in EPIC
 BHC Ophthalmology Consult5p-8a  Emily MoriartyAttending 202-441-7318 telCell: 202-441-7318 
All medical consults and specialty consults requires placing a Telemed Order and Consult in EPIC
 BHC Pulmonary Consult5p-8a  B. KimAtten 718-986-4121  
All medical consults and specialty consults requires placing a Telemed Order and Consult in EPIC
 BHC Renal Consult7a-5p  Giniyani, LarabMD 917-216-0604    
Psychiatry - MSH INPATIENT Psychiatry Units OnCall (MSH)
 MSH Inpatient Psych Evening+Wknd (M-Th 5-10p; Fr 4p...5p-10p  Yu, GloriaPGY 1 0030    
 MSH Inpatient Psychiatry NIGHTFLOAT: (M-Th 10p-8a);...10p-8a  Yu, GloriaPGY 1 0030    
 MSH Inpatient Psychiatry NIGHTFLOAT: Sunday Overnig...8p-8a  Martinez-Ales Garcia, GonzaloPGY 1 0338    
 --- 1st backup MSH-Inpt call (backup, do not page)5p-5p  Lapolla, DaylePGY 1 0294    
 Adult Consult Psychiatry (MSH) NIGHTS (4p-9a) and W...9a-9a  Consult Staff (pgr 2455, x45637)Consult 2455 -- TEXT...    
 VA weekend-holiday: 0830-19308:30a-7:30p  Yip, ArranPGY 2 0017    
 --- backup VA call (backup, do not page)8a-8a  Young, JamesPGY 2 0296    
Psychiatry ER (MSH) (pager 2455, x45637)
 ER Psychiatry, WeekEND Day (830a-830p)8:30a-8:30p  Phelps, EmilyPGY 3 0156    
 ER Psychiatry, NIGHTS (M-Th 830p-830a) and (Fri-Sun...8:30p-8:30a  Moazen Zadeh, EhsanPGY 3 2415    
 --- backup ER Call WEEKEND & NIGHTS (backup, do not...8:30p-8:30p  Quinn, MargotPGY 3 0363    
Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
 MSH fellow weekEND (9a-10p)9a-10p  Yi, EdwardChild Fellows 201-835-5230  
 MSM fellow weekEND (9a-5p)9a-5p  Khan, ErvaChild Fellows 845-750-3516  
 Attending Backup weekEND (9a-9a)9a-9a  Everest, EricaAttending 302-530-6519  
Inpatient Weekend Attending MSH
 Inpt Weekend Attending M58a-6p  Levine, StewartInpatient Attendings and Moonlighters    
 Inpt Weekend Attending KCC 7S8a-6p  Husain-Krautter, SehbaInpatient Attendings and Moonlighters    
Psychiatry - MSH ER Attending Day8:30a-8:30p  Modabbernia, AmirPsych ER Attending 212-241-5637Pager 2455 
 Attending Night8:30p-8:30a  Gupta, NishantPsych ER Attending ML    
 Inpt Wknd Attg M58a-6p  Levine, StewartInpatient Attendings and Moonlighters    
 Inpt Wknd Attg KCC 7S8a-6p  Husain-Krautter, SehbaInpatient Attendings and Moonlighters    
 Weekend Resident Psych ER-CL10a-6p  Fred Torres, SharelySnr Residents    
 Inpatient ML Resident8a-9a  Chambers, DarriusInpatient ML Residents    
Psychiatry - MSSLW MSM Resident Weekend-Holiday pager 304688a-8p  Marla Renee FisherPGY2 34343  
 MSW Resident Weekend-Holiday pager 364178a-8p  Jacqueline Woo PGY1 39032    
 MSM Resident Night Float pager 304688p-8a  Rachel KoreenPGY2 34337  
 MSW Resident Night Float pager 364178p-8a  Antoine BeaynoPGY3 33737  
 MSM-W Resident Sick Coverage8a-8a  Marla Renee FisherPGY2 34343  
MSSLW CPEP Attending
 MSM Day CPEP Attending8a-8p  Melvinray GilbertAttending 917-921-0865  
 MSM Night CPEP Attending8p-8a  Rebecca KleinAttending 516-659-6472  
 MSW Day CPEP Attending8a-8p  Luis CerraAttending 212-523-3347  
 MSW Night CPEP Attending8p-8a  Steven Wortman Attending 502-712-5470  
MSSLW Administrator OnCall
 MSSLW Administrator On Call12a-12a  Iliyan IvanovAttending 212-523-1924  
Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
 MSH Child Fellow weekEND (9a-10p)9a-10p  Yi, EdwardChild Fellows 201-835-5230  
 MSM Child Fellow weekEND (9a-5p)9a-5p  Khan, Erva
Child Fellows 845-750-3516  
 Child Attending Backup weekEND (9a-9a)9a-9a  Everest, EricaAttending 302-530-6519  
 MSM ICU WEEKEND7a-7p  Madelin FenianosF1 33611  
 MSM PULM WEEKEND8a-5p  Madelin FenianosF1 33611  
 MSW ICU/PULM WEEKEND7a-7p  Deepa NairF3 3-38973-3897 
 MSBI ICU/PULM WEEKEND7a-7p  Athena RiegoF1 33635  
 JEOPARDY FELLOW7a-7p  Archana PattuparaF2 3-30963-3096 
 Vacation8a-5p  Catherine ZawF1 34398  
 Vacation8a-5p  Howard FreemanF2 3-43093-4309 
 Vacation8a-5p  Steven LimF2 3-43063-4306 
 Vacation8a-5p  Tal ShachiF3 3-15053-1505 
MSM/W/BI Attending Day Cover (7am-7pm)
 MSM CC CONSULTS8a-5p  Nikita DesaiAtten 978-303-7684    
 MSM PULM CONSULTS8a-8a  Javier ZuluetaAtten 646-995-9663  
 MSM MICU7a-7p  Nikita DesaiAtten 978-303-7684    
 MSW MICU-SICU7a-7p  S. KurtzAtten 917-270-368030930 
 MSW PULM CONSULTS8a-8a  Jay GuevarraAtten 646-339-3862  
 MSM ETHICS7a-7p  M. MohanrajAtten 224-688-737430989 
 MSBI 7D ICU7a-7p  Rostislav GorbatovAtten 617-775-8323  
 MSBI PULMONARY ONCALL FOR RI5p-8a  B. KimAtten 718-986-4121  
Night Coverage from 7pm until 7am (Critical Care & emergency pulmonary consults)
 MSBI NIGHT INTENSIVIST7p-7a  Hailey GuptaAtten 703-855-3693  
 MSM NIGHT INTENSIVIST7p-7a  N. GopalAtten 646-567-6623  36513 
Pulmonary/Critical Care - MSH Pulmonary Consults
 Fellows' service- (7a-7p)   Shyla Saini3rd YR Fellow146-209-0221  
24 hr Critical Care Consult Line: 646-784-7573 (CALL- DO NOT PAGE)
 MICU Fellow 1   Louise Xu3rd YR Fellow646-784-7573   
24 hr Critical Care Consult Line: 646-784-7573 (CALL- DO NOT PAGE)
 MICU & PE consults (7a-7p)    Louise Xu3rd YR Fellow646-784-7573   
 Pulmonary consults (7a-7p)   Shyla Saini3rd YR Fellow146-209-0221  
 Pulmonary Attending   Rogers, LindaAttending646-734-3263  
 Pulmonary Attending   Schultz, BarbaraAttending929-246-4317  
 MSQ Teleheath Attnd   Schultz, BarbaraAttending929-246-4317  
 FPA SERVICE PHONE CALLS 7A-7p    Rogers, LindaAttending646-734-3263  
 FPA SERVICE PHONE CALLS 7P-7a    Night FellowNight Fellowp3988, page...    
Night URGENT pulmonary consults
 PE and URGENT Pulmonary Consults (7p-7a)   Night FellowNight Fellowp3988, page...    
Radiation Oncology - MSBI, MSW Rad Onc12a-12a  A. NEHLSEN
MD 908-723-1239  
 MSW Clinic8a-5p  MSWMSW Clinic 212-523-7165  
 MSBI Clinic8a-5p  Union SquareMSBI Clinic 212-844-8020  
Radiation Oncology - MSH Weekend (home call) 5p-9a  Wassel, MonicaResident 146-209-8187In House: 8187 
 Attending Coverage5p-9a  Sindhu, KunalAttending 146-209-0264In House: 0264 
Radiology - MSH Body-weekend8a-8p  MSH Radiology ResidentMSH Radiology Resident 212-241-7928   
 Neuro-weekend9a-8p  MSH Radiology ResidentMSH Radiology Resident 212-241-4252   
 Night float-weekend8p-8a  MSH Radiology ResidentMSH Radiology Resident 212-241-1861   
Neurorad Procedure - Fluoro LP: Please text page with MRN, reason for consult and direct call back #. Please note there may be a delay in response if fellow is in a procedure.
 Neurorad Procedure - Fluoro LP 8a-8a  Neuro FellowFellows 146-209-3751   
 ED Overnight - Weekend Attending7p-7a  ED Attending ED Attending  347-313-8715   
Radiology Residents - MSBI, MSSLW BI JR1p-9p  Mansour MahamaneR1    
 BI NF7p-8a  Daniel MogelR2 34365    
 BI Weekend8a-7p  Christopher ChinR3 33933  
 Mw NF7p-8a  Mudassir MumtazR2 34367    
 Mw Weekend sr8a-7p  Marc BernsR3 33936  
 Wm Weekend jr10a-10p  Joseph WiseR1    
Rheumatology - MSH Consult Fellow   Courant, VincentFellow 146-209-1112  
Rheumatology - MSSL + MSW Service Attending8a-8p  Kristaq Koci
MD 774-253-5409    
 Consult Fellow8a-8p  Kristaq Koci
MD 774-253-5409    
Rivington - BHC All medical consults and specialty consults requires placing a Telemed Order and Consult in EPIC
 Allergy Consult8a-6p  Choo, EugeneMD    
All medical consults and specialty consults requires placing a Telemed Order and Consult in EPIC
 Central Hospialist8:30a-10p  Hui, JenniferAttending 646-262-9870  10135 
  Central Hospitalist WeekEND7a-7p  Chi, HaoAttending 646-725-8928  10227 
 Central Hospitalist Nocturnist10p-8:30a  Moyo, LeeroyAttending 561-312-8478    
All medical consults and specialty consults requires placing a Telemed Order and Consult in EPIC
 Endocrine Consult8a-6p  Lena FanAttending 917-774-2078    
 Endocrinology Consult Fellow8a-6p  Jiby Yohannan2nd Year Fellow 11111   
All medical consults and specialty consults requires placing a Telemed Order and Consult in EPIC
 Neurology Night7p-7a  shivkumar BhadolaPGY5 978-551-3909  
 Neurology WeekEND Day7a-7p  shivkumar BhadolaPGY5 978-551-3909  
 Neurology WeekEND Night7p-7a  shivkumar BhadolaPGY5 978-551-3909  
All medical consults and specialty consults requires placing a Telemed Order and Consult in EPIC
 Ophthalmology Consult5p-8a  Emily MoriartyAttending 202-441-7318 telCell: 202-441-7318 
All medical consults and specialty consults requires placing a Telemed Order and Consult in EPIC
  Pulmonary Consult5p-8a  B. KimAtten 718-986-4121  
All medical consults and specialty consults requires placing a Telemed Order and Consult in EPIC
 Renal Consult7a-5p  Giniyani, LarabMD 917-216-0604    
Social Work  MSW MSW Social Work Schedule
 Weekend & Holiday Coverage9a-5p  Victoria SalibaSocial Work 929-240-0685  
 Weekend & Holiday Coverage9a-5p  Maggie ColbertSocial Work 929-448-6693  
 ED Social Worker7a-7a  ED PAGERSocial Worker 146-209-0200    
 AFTERHOURS Social Worker5p-9a  AFTERHOURS PAGERSocial Worker 146-209-0200    
 MED SURG DISCHARGE9a-5p  MED SURG PAGERSocial Worker 146-209-4225    
 OB GYN AND PEDIATRIC DISCHARGE9a-5p  Friedman, PaigeSocial Worker 646-634-8817      
 OB GYN AND PEDIATRIC DISCHARGE9a-5p  Pizarro, CarmenSocial Worker 646-634-8990      
 ICU PALLIATIVE CARE9a-5p  Lee, AngieSocial Worker 646-630-5393      
 MANAGEMENT BACK-UP9a-9a  Porcello, LisaSocial Worker 917-572-8063    
Social Work and Case Management-MSBI On-Call SW9a-9a  Ilise Fay
SW 646-538-0107332-243-1744 (office) 
 Teams: 14, 15p-9a  Marina StorozhukSW 929-259-1589420-2982 
 Teams: ICU, 14, 69a-5:15p  Karla (Vanessa) VillatoroSW 646-430-1990420-5634 
 Teams: 1, 2, 59a-5:15p  Suzette WilliamsSW 929-687-2375  
 ED Case Manager8a-6p  Michael CrossSW 929-280-0674844-5114 
 ED SW9a-5:15p  Sakina LongSW 929-687-2355  
 PSYCHIATRY SW8a-6p  Tara JoshiSW 332-243-1904  
 CPEP8a-6p  SW On-CallSW    
Social Work and Case Management-MSSL Manager on Call
 Manager on Call8a-8a  LaTerra, KellyManager on Call 646-901-9309  
10E: Unit Phone #: 23-5815
 83A - 92B8a-4p  Dartey, LovelaceCase Manager 646-866-3721  
 93a-318a-4p  Dartey, LovelaceCase Manager 646-866-3721  
 83A - 92B8:30a-4:30p  Okehi, Ijeoma
Social Worker 646-951-4602  
 93A - 318:30a-4:30p  Okehi, Ijeoma
Social Worker 646-951-4602  
9W: Unit Phone #: 23-5423
 7a-18B8a-8p  Aronov, Robert
Case Manager 917-574-8118  
 9W ADS8a-8p  Aronov, Robert
Case Manager 917-574-8118  
 19a-25B9a-5p  Singh, Rosemary
Social Worker 917-594-8140  
 9W Geriatrics9a-5p  Singh, RosemarySocial Worker 917-594-8140  
9E/RETU: Unit Phone #: 23-2731/36-1226
 6a-18B8a-4p  Dartey, LovelaceCase Manager 646-866-3721  
 19a-31B8a-4p  Dartey, Lovelace
Case Manager 646-866-3721  
 6A -15B9a-5p  Singh, RosemarySocial Worker 917-594-8140  
 15B - 22B9a-5p  Singh, RosemarySocial Worker 917-594-8140  
 23a-31B9a-5p  Singh, RosemarySocial Worker 917-594-8140  
8W: Unit Phone #: 23-5166
 12a-20B8a-4p  Dartey, LovelaceCase Manager 646-866-3721  
 12a-20B8:30a-4:30p  Okehi, Ijeoma
Social Worker 646-951-4602  
8E: Unit Phone #: 23-5814
 6a-18B8a-8p  Aronov, Robert
Case Manager 917-574-8118  
 6a-18B8:30a-4:30p  Okehi, Ijeoma
Social Worker 646-951-4602  
 19a-31B8a-8p  Aronov, Robert
Case Manager 917-574-8118