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License Options: All licenses include support, online training, the AMiON mobile app and AMiON Secure Messaging.

  • Single group or residency license: $399 per year.

  • Enterprise accounts: Multiply the number of groups/residencies by the annual fee. Learn more about AMiON's license options.

To order a single license, click on the green "Start a new AMiON account!" link above. For micro-enterprise and enterprise license options, email [email protected] to order and set up the account for you.

License Term: Residency licenses cover an academic year; otherwise, licenses follow the calendar year. Enterprise accounts renew on the anniversary of the start month and may include calendar and academic year licenses.

Payment Options: We prefer credit card payments. For orders over $10,000, ACH payment will be accepted.

New Vendor Form: If your organization requires a New Vendor Form completed, please email to [email protected].

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To renew your license for another year, enter your admin (publishing) password in the Login box.

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On your admin page, click the green shopping cart icon to begin your renewal.


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